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Argentina Current account balance as  % of GDP
2001  +7.5
2002  -4.3
2003  -3.1

2007  +1.7
2008  +2.7
2009  +4.1
2012  +0.3
2013  -0.1
2016  -2.7
2020  +2.5

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Argentina Merval Index (weekly), 20 week exponential average in green, 5 week exponential average in red.
Argentina Merval monthly chart, the red line is a 24 month exaverage, the yellow line is a 6 month exaverage
This chart is no longer updated but will remain for reference.
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6/22/2022 Argentina’s central bank lifted its benchmark interest rate for the 6th time this year to 52% as the government struggles to cool inflation expectations.
8/3/14  Argentina threatens to take US to The Hague after defaulting on its debts for the second time in 12 years.
2/1/14 Argentina's government limited monthly dollar purchases by Argentines to $2,000 (Ms Kirchner went missing)..
1/5/11 The US Department of Agriculture's Buenos Aires bureau lowered its estimate of Argentine corn production by 1.0m tonnes.
11/26/10 (Reuters) - Argentina's 2010/11 soy output is estimated at 49.5 million tons down from 54.5 MMT last year.
2/9/10 The USDA estimate of the Argentinean soy crop was kept at 53 million tons.
10/21/09 Argentine farmers will plant a record 19 million hectares with soybeans this season, up from the previous high mark by 7%, the Buenos Aires Cereals Exchangesaid.
They forecasts 2009-10 wheat production at 7.5 million metric tons. Down sharply from the five year average of 14.8 million tons
6/29/09 Local expert says that Argentina may step out of wheat export market for the first time since 1910 – Arlan Suderman (Farm Futures)
11/6/08 F.O. Licht lowered their projection for Argentina's 2008/09 wheat crop to 11.5 mmt from 15.4. This compares with their September forecast of 13.0 mmt.
10/21/08 (Bloomberg) -- Argentine bonds plunged, sending benchmark dollar yields over 24 percent, and stocks sank the most in a decade on speculation the government will nationalize pension funds in a bid to attain financing and stave off a second default this decade.
7/6/08 Argentina's House approved the president's sliding-scale grain and soybean export tax plan Saturday, sending the bill to the Senate for a vote. However, farm groups have warned that a Congressional endorsement of the tax may lead them to go back on strike.
12/14/06 Argentina's economy expanded 8.7 percent in the third quarter compared with the year-earlier period, fueled by higher consumer spending and private investment.
11/21/06 Argentina's trade surplus for October rose 11% YoY.
9/27/06 Argentina built up monetary reserves of $28.725 billion which, however, it doesn't intend to use to repay the holdouts from its default in December 2001, Martin Redrado, president of Argentina's Central Bank said.
8/22/06 Argentina's jobless rate fell to 10.4% in Q2 from 11.4%.
8/16/06 YoY Argentina's economy grew 8.2% in June
7/21/06 Some 100,000 Italian bondholders will file a lawsuit against Argentina, looking for repayment of $5.5 billion in bonds that defaulted in early 2002
6/16/06 YoY industrial production in Argentina rose 7.3 percent in May.
4/27/06 U.S. Jobless claims were up 11,000 last week to 315,000.
4/26/06 Argentina's central bank revised its forecast for 2006 economic growth to above 7 percent from about 6 percent in January.
2/16/06 Argentina's gross domestic product expanded 9.1 percent in 2005, its fastest in 13 years, as construction and agriculture led the economy to its third straight year of robust growth
1/19/06 YoY Argentina's economy grew 9.1 percent in November, faster than expected.
12/29/05 Argentina's central bank forecast on Thursday that Latin America's third-largest economy will expand by 6.2 percent next year, slowing from this year's estimated 8.7 percent growth.
11/30/05 Argentina's trade surplus widened more than expected to $916 million in October from $854 million a year ago as export volumes increased, the Economy Ministry said on Wednesday.
11/18/05 Argentina's jobless rate fell to 11.1 percent in the third quarter from 13.2 percent in the same period last year.
10/20/05 Argentina's economy grew 8.9 percent in August compared with a year earlier, the Economy Ministry said on Thursday, pointing to a third straight year of vigorous growth after a deep recession.
09/16/05 Argentina's central bank may increase gold reserves as a hedge against inflation and protection against a financial crisis, Juan Ignacio Basco, bank head of market operations, said yesterday in London
09/14/05 Argentine stocks closed at a record high on Wednesday, led by a rise in banking shares on speculation of a possible share buyback for BBVA Banco Frances by its Spanish parent, traders said
08/22/05 YoY Industrial production in Argentina rose a weaker-than-expected 6.7 percent in July.
08/16/05 YoY Argentina's economy grew 8.6 percent in June, the economy ministry said on Tuesday, beating analysts' forecasts.
07/28/05 Argentina's trade surplus narrowed in June to $692 million from $908 million in June 2004, the lowest surplus for any month in nearly four years, the Economy Ministry said on Thursday.
07/13/05 The International Monetary Fund's board on Wednesday gave the go-ahead to start talks with Argentina on a new economic program, an IMF source said.
04/20/05 Argentina's economy grew a faster-than-expected 8.6 percent rate in February.
04/17/05 Argentina Rejects to Reopen Foreign Debt Negotiation
President Nestor Kirchner ratified from Germany that his government will not reopen the foreign debt exchange, in a week characterized by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) pressures on Argentina.
02/27/05 Argentina concludes debt restructuring offer Argentina has completed the biggest debt restructuring in history, bidding to end its status as an international financial pariah three years after the country's devastating economic crisis.
A deadline passed uneventfully on Friday for investors holding US$103bil (RM390bil) in defaulted Argentine debt who were asked to accept a government offer to pay back about a third of their original investment.  
Those losses were among the worst for holders of government bonds anywhere in recent history.
01/20/05 Argentina apologizes for debt fiasco amid hostility....The biggest sovereign debt restructuring in modern history implies losses for investors of up to 70 percent
01/12/05 Argentina will swap up to $41.8 billion in new bonds in exchange for the bad debt, the biggest loss to sovereign debt investors in modern times.
12/30/04 President Nestor Kirchner of Argentina is locked in a standoff with the International Monetary Fund on the third anniversary of a popular uprising.
11/02/04 Argentine officials Monday said they would restructure part of the gigantic public debt the nation defaulted on back in 2001. Economic Minister Roberto Lavagna said the payment would also include more than $2 billion in arrears.
11/01/04 The Argentine government has filed today the final details of its debt restructuring offer with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Economy Ministry Spokesman Armando Torres said
10/10/04 Argentine President Nestor Kirchner signed a decree on Friday to restructure some $17 billion in debt held by local pension funds, in the first key step to swapping $100 billion in defaulted debt for new bonds.
03/10/04 IMF agrees to further loans for Argentina