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China Current account balance as  % of GDP
2001   +3.2
2002   +1.6
2003   +1.9
2004   +3.6
2005   +7.1
2006   +7.8
2007   +7.2
2008 +10.9
2008 +10.5
2009   +6.1
2012   +2.8
2013  +1.7
2016  +2.4
2020  +0.7

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China Shanghai Composite Index (weekly), 20 week exponential average in green, 5 week exponential average in red, MACD (moving average convergence divergence) in green.
China Shanghai Composite Index monthly chart, the red line is a 24 month exaverage, the yellow line is a 6 month exaverage.
This chart is no longer updated but will remain for reference.
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(Barrons 6/29/2011)China has 446 million hogs—more than the next 43 pork-producing countries combined—and consumes 50% of the world's pork supply each year.
China’s share of total world demand in 2011 was: soya (27pc) cotton (38pc), aluminium (40pc) iron ore (40pc), coal (42pc), zinc (42pc), lead (43pc), copper (43pc), and lean-hogs (50pc).
10/18/2020   China is currently responsible for roughly 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Can it really reduce its net carbon dioxide emissions to zero by 2060?


8/20/2023 Japan’s overall economy, expanded 5.3% in the past decade, far less than the U.S.’s 23% growth and mainland China’s 83%.
8/20/2023 China began military exercises in the seas and skies around Taiwan as a stern warning to separatists and foreign forces”.
Confidence in the world’s second-largest economy (China) is slumping as authorities frantically step-up efforts to bolster financial markets.
10/23/2022 China - less transparent  
10/22/2022 Yang Zhang: What we just saw was the making of an All Xi's Men team, the breaking of decade-long rules, and the birth of an unlimited supreme leader. These are not entirely surprising, but Xi's grab of power is still beyond our expectation. He is now a truly modern emperor. (And no women anywhere)
6/23/2022 79%, how much higher the number of suicides was in the Chinese city of Wuhan during lockdown in 2020 than in the same period in 2019.
5/15/2022 China's factory output unexpectedly contracted in April. Industrial production fell 2.9% y/y. (Bloomberg)
4/30/2022 Bloomberg: Lin argues China should aim for GDP per capita in 2050 to be 50% that of the U.S.—up from around 16% today.
9/30/2021  Blackouts won’t be tolerated. That’s the message from China officials, who have ordered the country’s top state-owned energy companies to secure supplies for this winter at all costs. (Bloomberg)
8/7/2021 China state media criticized video games as “spiritual opium,” ...  It seems that Beijing is worried about where the huge flows of hot money are going and is afraid it will create rival power centers.
8/1/2021 Per the SEC: China based companies will have to disclose more
about their structure and contacts with the Chinese government before listing in the U.S.
8/1/2021 Normally a container will go from the factory in Shanghai to Chicago in 35 days. Currently it takes up to 73 days – and then the container will go back usually empty.
7/31/2021 China's Manufacturing PMI 50.3 in July 2021, expected 50.8, previous 50.9
7/26/2021 Beijing’s sweeping crackdowns of its technology and education sectors has unleashed shockwaves across global markets
7/8/2021 China PPI
7/21/2021 Central Chinese province swamped after heaviest rain in 1,000 years
7/20/2021 China responded with outrage after America and its closest allies accused its security agencies of hacking on a grand scale. “A malicious smear”, said China.
7/14/2021 China's gross domestic product was up 7.9% YoY
3/13/2021 China now has a passport structure by which its people can register their vaccination and testing status. It is however “NOT YET” mandatory.
3/5/2021 China is aiming for an economic growth rate above 6% in 2021.
2/28/2021 The official NBS Non-Manufacturing PMI for China dropped to its lowest in a year of 51.4 in February 2021 from 52.4 in the previous month.
The official NBS Manufacturing PMI for China fell to 50.6 in February 2021 from 51.3 a month earlier and less than market expectations of 51.1
China’s iron ore futures rose its fourth straight week, while steel rebar and hot-rolled coil advanced on higher downstream consumption. Capacity utilization rose to 92.28%.
1/22/2021 China overtook the U.S. as the world’s top destination for new foreign direct investment last year, as the COVID-19 pandemic amplifies an eastward shift in the center of gravity of the global economy.
12/6/2020 YoY China Exports rose 14.9% in November from previous 7.6%
China Trade Balance rose to 507.1B in November from previous 401.75B
11/27/2020 China's unofficial restrictions on coal imports from Australia are having more than just an impact on miners down under, it's hurting steel producers in China and helping those elsewhere.
11/26/2020 Reuters: Profits at Chinese industrial firms surged 28.2% year-on-year in October to 642.91 billion yuan ($97.79 billion), National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) data showed on Friday, after rising 10.1% in September versus the previous year.
10/19/2020 China's gross domestic product was up 4.9 percent on year in the third quarter of 2020, the National Bureau of Statistics said on Monday - missing forecasts for a gain of 5.2 percent but still up from 3.2 percent in the three months prior.
10/16/2020 China is currently responsible for roughly 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Can it really reduce its net carbon dioxide emissions to zero by 2060?
10/14/2020 China Consumer Price Index (MoM) came in at 0.2%, below expectations
China Producer Price Index (YoY) below expectations (-1.8%) in September: Actual (-2.1%)
10/12/2020 Since the pandemic, we’ve had the U.S. and China both say they are developing their own respective digital currencies, and now Christine Lagarde the head of the ECB, mentions that the “ECB is seriously looking at the creation of a digital euro…  She also says that the new digital euro wouldn’t “ever” replace the euro, just be a supplement to the cash euro.”  
This is probably note particularly good for the Bitcoins of the world.
10/2/2020 China's fixed-asset investment in the transport sector expanded 10.5 % YoY to reach 2.1 trillion yuan (about $308.37 billion) in the first eight months this year, according to the country's Ministry of Transport.
9/26/2020 China’s largest tunnel boring machine Jinghua is completed on Sunday in Changsha, C China’s Hunan. The 4,300-ton and 150-meter long machine has a record diameter of 16.07 meters and can excavate a tunnel as high as a six-story building.
9/26/2020 Reuters: China’s recovery has been gaining momentum as pent-up demand, government stimulus and surprisingly resilient exports propel a rebound. Industrial firm profits grew 19.1% year-on-year in August to 612.81 billion yuan ($89.8 billion), the statistics bureau said. That compares with a 19.6% increase in July and is the fourth straight month of profit growth.
9/22/2020 Bloomberg: Less than an hour after U.S. President Donald Trump took to the virtual floor of the United Nations General Assembly and slammed China for its environmental record, China’s President Xi Jinping stunned the climate community by pledging that it would become carbon neutral by 2060. The two nearly back-to-back speeches provided a marked and powerful contrast. There are still many questions to be answered about the Chinese plan — most importantly how the country will define carbon neutrality. But the bare fact that China, by far the world's biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions, has set out a net-zero pledge ahead of the U.S. shows how hard Beijing is striving to put itself at the center of global politics and the economic shift to clean energy — something Washington has been unwilling to do.
9/17/2020 Reuters: Investment between the United States and China tumbled to a nine-year low in the first half of 2020, hit by bilateral tensions that could see more Chinese companies come under pressure to divest U.S. operations, a research report said.
Bloomberg: China’s trade surplus with the U.S. has grown almost 25% since the start of the Trump presidency, exceeding $300 billion on an annualized basis.
Reuters: The Caixin/Markit Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) rose to 53.1 last month from July’s 52.8, marking the sector’s fourth consecutive month of growth and the biggest rate of expansion since January 2011...... LME copper stocks fall to lowest since Dec 2005.  
8/30/2020 China Manufacturing PMI Eases To 51.0 In August
China Non-Manufacturing PMI came in at 55.2, above expectations (52.1) in August  
8/17/2020 China drought, heavy rains spark concern over grain supply as Xi Jinping launches campaign against food waste
Concerns are mounting about China’s grain supply this year, despite government assurances that the summer harvest was at ‘an all-time high’
Output has been hit by drought and heavy rains and many farmers are hoarding crops in expectation that prices will continue rising because of low supply, traders say
4/2/17 China's Ministry of Defense indicates the launch of the country's first domestically built aircraft carrier could come soon.
2/26/17 The 10 biggest defense budgets in 2016 added to over $1.1 trillion. The U.S lead the way with $605 billion, followed by China with $145 billion.
2/12/17 China’s imports rose 16.7%, while exports rose 7.9%.
12/6/2015 Xi Jinping, China’s president, told other world leaders in Paris that their talks mark a “new starting-point” in tackling climate change, his own capital was stewing in a pea-souper of smog. Yesterday Beijing’s air-quality index topped 600: “Hazardous…everyone may experience…serious health effects”.
China announced plans to build a nationwide charging-station network that will fulfill the power demands of 5 million electric vehicles by 2020.
To boost more coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, 23 new intercity rail lines will be built by the end of 2030, according to the company that will make the investment.
China has decided to end its decades-long one-child policy, the state-run Xinhua news agency reports. Couples will now be allowed to have two children. Condom shares fell, however shares in companies that make diapers, strollers and baby food have been bolstered. However, the policy shift will make no difference to the workforce for almost 20 years when China will be in the full grip of a demographic crunch.
9/6/2015 YoY Macau's GDP shrank  by 26% in Q2. Casino revenues are down some 40% - all thanks to a crackdown by China on corruption.
3/16/15 Iron Ore at the lowest price since 2009 as China tackles overcapacity and pollution
China’s premier Li Keqiang cut the nation’s growth target to “around” 7% , reiterating the need to pursue reform as development slows and the likelihood of tougher times ahead for the world’s second largest economy.
(Pritchard) Put together, China is pursuing the most contractionary mix of economic policies in the G20, relative to the status quo ante. Collateral damage is already visible in the sliding global prices of iron ore, copper, nickel, lead and zinc over recent months, as well as thermal coal, oil, corn and even sugar.
11/30/14 China's official PMI slips to 50.3 in November.. below forecast.
China's central bank has cut interest rates on its one-year deposit rate by 0.25%, and its one-year loan rate by 0.4 %. The Bank also said it will allow more flexibility in deposit rates.
10/3/14 Chinas PMI of non-manufacturing sectors out at 54% last month, down 0.4% from August.
Chinas preliminary Purchasing Managers’ Index from HSBC was at 50.5, matching the highest estimates in a Bloomberg survey
8/3/14 The Chinese economy is expected to grow about 7.5% this year
5/26/14 (Pritchard) The Chinese central bank has ordered 15 commercial banks to boost loans to first-time buyers
Fears of a mismatch between supply and demand and slowing industrial growth in China have had a significant impact on the value of iron ore.
5/4/14  PMI for China's non-manufacturing sector gained 0.3 % MoM to 54.8 % in April.
(Bloomberg) Gaming revenue from the six casino operators in Macau, the only place in China where casinos are legal, rose 11% to 31.3 billion patacas ($3.92 billion) in April, Macau’s Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau said.
/13/14 China's CPI rose 2.4 % YoY in March, up from 2%
(Reuters) - Nearly 2,000 Chinese enterprises were found to be in violation of state pollution guidelines following a nationwide inspection campaign covering 25,000 industrial firms, the environment ministry said..
Water in China's Lanzhou city found to contain levels of benzene, a cancer-inducing chemical, at 20 times above safety levels.
3/16/14 Growth in China's retail sales slowed to 11.8% YoY in the first two months of the year
3/2/14 China's inflation rose 2.5 % in January
China's January PPI fell 1.6%
2/1/14 With the end of QE in the West and changes in Chinese fiscal policies "forcing up the cost of capital across emerging markets asset class" the tide is going out on emerging markets - so warns Fidelity.
China's PMI for the manufacturing sector dropped to five-month low to 50.5 % in January
BEIJING (AP) Authorities in eastern China have banned live poultry sales after an increase in the number of people infected with the H7N9 strain of bird flu, state media reported.
1/18/14 •YoY China’s M2 Money supply rose 13.6%
Property prices in China ended 2013 still red hot despite repeated government efforts to cool the sector, but the rises are expected to soften this year as more targeted curbs come into place
Twenty years ago, China exported six cars. Last year it exported a million.
11/28/13 Bloomberg forecasts China to pass India in Gold purchases and projects a 29% growth in Chinas gold purchase for 2013.
China and Japan appeared to be a step closer to a military confrontation that could drag in the United States, after Beijing extended its air-defense zone over a group of islands that is also claimed by Tokyo..
8/30/13 China returning to full speed? China official manufacturing PMI rises to 51 in August a 16 month high.
7/20/13 China defies IMF on mounting credit risk and need for urgent reform. If you think China's Communist Party fully understands the mess it has created by ramping credit to 200pc of GDP and running the greatest investment bubble know to man, read its shockingly complacent response to warnings from the International Monetary Fund.
Chinas Industrial Output rose 8.9% YoY
China Q2 GDP up 7.5 % YoY
7/6/13 China's shadow banking system is out of control and under mounting stress as borrowers struggle to roll over short-term debts, Fitch Ratings has warned.
6/3/13 The preliminary or "flash" version of the HSBC Purchasing Managers' Index for China fell to a seven-month low of 49.6, down from April's final reading of 50.4. A result below 50 signals contraction.
An aggressive EU attempt to combat unfair competition from China was seriously undermined when Germany led a majority of the bloc’s members to oppose punitive duties on imported Chinese solar panels.
Hong Kong-based Shuanghui International agreed to pay $7.1bn (a 31% premium to the closing price on Tuesday) for America's Smithfield Foods, in a deal aimed at US supplies for the growing demand of pork by China's increasingly wealthy consumers..
3/17/13 (Bloomberg) Chinese anger over pollution becomes main cause of social unrest.
11/30/12 The world economy is in its best shape in 18 months as China's prospects improve and the U.S. looks likely to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff, according to the latest Bloomberg Global Poll of investors.
China's grain output rose 3.2% YoY to hit 589.57 million tonnes in 2012, marking the ninth consecutive year of growth, data from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) showed Friday. The corn output amounted to 208.12 million tonnes, up 8 % YoY, while that of rice and wheat gained 1.6% and 2.7%, respectively, to 204.29 million tonnes and 120.58 million tonnes, according to the NBS' online statement. These numbers show that corn has replaced wheat as China's largest grain variety, the statement said.
China will strive to foster 100 agricultural companies with annual sales exceeding 10 billion yuan (1.59 billion U.S. dollars) in the next three to five years, a senior agricultural official said. Acquisitions and mergers will be encouraged in the hope that the resulting agricultural conglomerates can act as a potent force in the country's agricultural modernization, while calling for more favorable fiscal and tax policies to support the development of big farming
Chinas PMI rose to 50.6 in November from 50.2 in October, signaling slightly faster growth.
11/4/12  Chinas soybean production is expected to decline 11.6%.
9/7/12 “We are looking at a mega-trend of increasing consumption of meat, milk, eggs,” Christopher Langholz, president of Cargill Animal Protein China, said in an interview, without giving specific forecasts.
China risks a repeat of Japan's boom-bust disaster 20 years ago as exorbitant property prices combine with a demographic tipping point, a top Japanese official has warned.
China, the world's largest consumer of copper, gave the green light for 60 projects worth more than $150 billion that is expected to energize the economy.
In 1980, per capita meat consumption in China was 15 kilo. Today that figure is 55-60 kilo.
US per capita meat consumption was 77.5 kilo in 2011. The US meat consumption is down some 10% over the last 8 years – probably due to a lack of money. The PCRDI (aka Per Capita real disposable income) is just now back to where it was in 2007.
8/3/12 (Pritchard) China has ditched its reform strategy and prepared a vast stimulus package as the country's soft-landing turns uncomfortably hard, with recession warnings flashing across East Asia.
China's capital and financial account swung into a deficit of $71.4 billion from a surplus of $56.1 billion in Q1 as domestic firms and residents increased their holdings of foreign currencies amid the global turbulence.
7/13/12 China's economy grew at “only” 7.6% in Q2
Chinese central bank lowered its one-year yuan deposit rate 25 basis points
6/10/12 China's economic growth will likely moderate to around 8 % this year amid downward risks caused by the ongoing crisis in Europe, the IMF said.
YoY China’s CPI slowed to 3.0 percent in May
China's foreign trade rose 14.1% YoY to 343.58 billion U.S. dollars in May, rebounding from the 2.7% growth registered in April.
China has cut interest rates by 25 basis points, its strongest move yet to prop up the economy as growth weakens. The benchmark one-year lending rate is now 6.31%, while the one-year deposit rate is 3.25%.
6/3/12 The Economist?: In China, coffee consumption will grow by an average rate of almost 40% a year from 2011 to 2015.
China's factory activity contracted for a seventh straight month in May, It fell to 48.4 from April's 49.3.
China's house prices fell to a 16-month low in May.
Japan and China will begin direct yen- yuan trading on June 1, Japanese Finance Minister Jun Azumi said Tuesday, abandoning the existing system that determines yen-yuan rates via their U.S.dollar values.
5/12/12 China's consumer price index (CPI) rose 3.4% YoY in April
China’s consumer confidence stood at 86.65 in April, down 0.12% points from March.
China’s gold output in the first three months of the year reached 80.8 tonnes, up 10% YoY.
China will lower the bank reserve requirement ratio by 0.5% starting May 18. The cut, the second of its kind this year, this will drop the RRR for the country's large financial institutions to 20% and the medium- and small-sized financial institutions to 16.5%.
4/27/12 The growth of China's inflation rate is expected to ease to 3.3%in April from the previous month with the slowing of food price rises, according to a report released by the Bank of Communications.
4/20/12 A prominent Chinese think tank issued a forecast saying China's grain output is likely to grow for the ninth consecutive year in 2012. (Good thing the weather doesn’t have a memory, or the odds of that happening would be slim .. 1 in some 800)
China’s media reports that the province of Heilongjang, which is its largest soybean producer, is suffering through its worst drought in a decade.  
4/15/12 The Obama administration welcomes China’s move to expand the Yuan’s trading band against the dollar, saying it could help to shrink global trade imbalances.
3/23/12 The number of paid employees of Macao's gaming sector reached 50,198 at the end of 2011, an increase of 12% YoY.
3/16/12 China overtook the United States to become the top foreign investor in Germany in 2011 in terms of investment project numbers.
(Arlan Suderman) Chinese Sept corn futures hit record high of $10.03 per bushel; Oh yeah, supplies are adequate.
2/9/12 Inflation in China is higher than expected in January at 4.5%
1/24/12 China's crude steel output increased 8.9% YoY
1/6/12 Insurance companies in China collected $226.4 billion of premiums last year, up 10.4% YoY
12/8/11 YoY Chinese consumer inflation fell  to 4.2%  in November from 5.5% in October and well below the three year peak it reached in July.
12/2/11 The Chinese leadership's law-and-order chief is warning that China is ill-prepared for social unrest generated by changes in the economy, in the latest sign that the government is worried about the consequences of flagging growth.
12/02/11 China reported its manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index fell to 49.0 on a 100 point scale, below the previous month’s 50.4 reading -- therefore China’s central bank said on Wednesday that it will lower the reserve requirement ratio of banks by 0.5 % points – first lowering in 3 years.
10/18/11 China's Q3 GDP rose 9.1% against forecast of 9.2%
China's CPI rose 6.1% YoY in September from 6.2% in August and 6.5% in July, which was a 37-month high. Inflation remains above the target of 4% for 2011.
Chinas business climate index for the real estate sector also fell for the four consecutive month to 100.41 in September.
9/9/11 China's industrial value-added output is expected to grow 13.5% YoY
China's inflation eased to 6.2% in August
8/23/11 China passed the US as the largest market for personal computers in Q2
8/5/2011 (Bloomberg) China’s annual corn imports may grow to more than 10 million metric tons in five years as the increase in demand outpaces expansion in output, a researcher at South China Grain Trade Center said.
8/2/11 Chinas Purchasing Managers’ Index rose from 50.7 in July to 50.9 in June – better than expected.
(Reuters) - Macau, the world's largest gambling market, blew past expectations to post a 48.4 percent rise in July gambling revenue, underscoring unflagging demand from China's newly minted millionaires and burgeoning middle class.
7/28/11 China announced this week that it is considering a 4 point reduction in its 13% Value Added Tax
7/14/11 Chinas fiscal revenue rose 31.2% YoY to 5.69 trillion yuan (875.5 billion U.S. dollars) in the first half of this year.
7/7/11 The World Trade Organization ruled that China's curbs on exports of raw materials are illegal, upholding a complaint lodged by the United States, the European Union and Mexico.
6/18/11 During the first four months of 2011, the export value of China's agricultural products hit 18.68 billion US dollars, an increase of 34.4% YoY.
Torrential rains have left huge areas of Hubei and Zhejiang provinces under water, with more than 1 million acres of farmland inundated, the official Xinhua News Agency said.
6/9/11 (FT) BP statistical review of world energy shows China accounted for 20.3%t of consumption, surpassing the US on 19%.
5/30/11 (Bloomberg) Steel demand in China, the world’s biggest consumer, may rise by as much as a quarter by 2015 compared with demand last year, according to a projection from the China Iron & Steel Association, which represents producers.
Chinese animal feed manufacturers consumed 74.7 million metric tons of corn last year, an increase of 20% from 2009.
5/17/11 Watermelons are exploding in China after farmers overdid it with growth chemicals
4/28/11 Chinese manufacturing index fell to 52.9 in April from 53.4 in March.
4/18/11 (Bloomberg) China’s farmland shrank by 8.33 million hectares (20.6 million acres) in the past 12 years, Premier Wen Jiabao’s top agriculture adviser Chen Xiwen told reporters March 24
4/5/11 US corn futures extend gains on supply concerns."Somebody's going to have to give up their usage if we're going to see a supply left here at the end of the summer," says Keith Gehling, marketing specialist at AgriSource  
Arlan Suderman: The US Grains Council just concluded a tour of China that revealed a greater than expected need for corn. It says that China's corn stocks are probably 390 to 472 million bushels smaller than previously reported. As a result, it believes that China will import another 80 to 120 million bushels of corn ahead of this year's harvest. Sources within China told the Council that they would like to import 200 to 275 million bushels, but realizes that global stocks are simply too tight.
4/5/11 China raised rates to 6.31% from 6.06%.
3/31/11 The speculation that an estimated 500,000 to 1 million tons of copper is hidden from the market in China is  likely inflated --  so says Commerzbank.
Chinas Purchasing Managers’ Index rose to 53.4 in March from 52.2 in February  
3/28/11 China's mobile phone operators added 19.83 million new subscribers in the first two months of this year, bringing the number of the country's cell phone users to 878.83 million.
2/20/11 Jittery Chinese authorities wary of any domestic dissent have staged a concerted show of force to squelch a mysterious online call for a "Jasmine Revolution" apparently modeled after pro-democracy demonstrations sweeping the Mideast.
China raised the prices of gasoline and diesel by 350 yuan (about 53.2 U.S. dollars) per tonne beginning Sunday.
2/20/11 China raised reserve requirements for the second time this year to counter inflation and curb property-price gains.
The Chinese car market has experienced an explosion in demand with a record 13.7 million vehicles sold last year.
2/13/11 (Bloomberg) -- China reported a smaller-than- forecast trade surplus of about $6.5 billion in January as a rebounding economy and rising commodity costs helped drive a 51 percent gain in imports.
China imported 364,240 metric tons of copper, copper alloy and semifinished products in January, an increase of 5.7% MoM and a rise of 25% YoY.
2/13/11 China’s sugar imports will probably rise to the highest in 16 years after drought and frost in the country’s main growing region curbed domestic production, according to a report from Sucden.
2/8/11 The UN said that China's wheat crop faces a "critical situation" if a drought across most of its range does not break.
(Dow Jones)--Wheat futures on China's Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange rose sharply Wednesday, climbing 5.4% due to worries that worsening drought conditions could cut into the country's grain output this year.
China raised rates to 6.06% from 5.81% on the last day of the Chinese New Year holiday to try to temper inflation. The one-year deposit rate was raised to 3 % -- still 2% less than the CPI.
2/7/11 The US Grains Council expects China to import 3 to 9 million metric tons of corn (118 to 354 million bushels) in the current year.
1/31/11 China should steadily increase its holdings of gold, silver and other precious metals, People's Bank of China adviser Xia Bin was quoted as saying.
1/26/11 (Dow Jones)--China's grain demand will likely increase by 4 million metric tons a year over the next five years, while supply of agricultural products in China will face huge pressure, Vice Agricultural Minister Chen Xiaohu said Thursday.
1/14/11 China raised reserve requirements by 50 basis points -- the fourth time in little more than two months.  
China is to allow imports of Canadian seal meat and oils, Canada's fisheries minister says; hopeful new market access will restore a sealing industry battered by an EU seal products import ban.
1/5/11 China's 2010 corn output is estimated at 172 million metric tons, down 940,000 tons from the previous estimate.
(Bloomberg) -- The Pentagon underestimated the speed at which China has developed and fielded a ballistic missile that may be capable of hitting a maneuvering U.S. aircraft carrier, the head of Navy intelligence said today
12/20/10 The People’s Bank of China increased key one-year lending and deposit rates by 25 basis points on Christmas Day in its second move since mid-October.
"Inflation expectations are direr than inflation itself," Wen said, urging people to remain confident and government agencies to act to stabilize prices
Severe drought in major wheat production provinces of Henan, Hebei and Anhui has sparked supply concerns for 2011.
12/20/10 China's soybean imports in November rose 47% compared with October and 90% YoY, to 5.48 million metric tons, the General Administration of Customs said Tuesday. Total imports from January to November increased 31% to 49.4 million tons.
China November natural Rubber imports rose 53% vs 55% in October.
China’s November Uranium imports at 2,181 tons rose 100% YoY.
12/13/10 YoY China's retail sales of consumer goods grew 18.7% in November
China’s CPI rose 5.1%, the PPI rose 6.1%.
China kept its benchmark interest rate unchanged.
12/11/10 China's inflation(CPI) surged to 5.1% a two year high last month despite government control efforts, prompting fears that U.S. consumers will soon face paying more for Chinese made products.  
11/26/10 (Economist)... the Fed has only succeeded in raising America’s broad money supply (as measured by seasonally-adjusted M2) to about $8.8 trillion. China’s central bankers, on the other hand, have increased China’s M2 to almost 70 trillion Yuan, or $10.5 trillion. As Mr. Kroeber points out, China has a greater quantity of money circulating in an economy a third of the size. Who is calling whom easy?
11/26/10 China on Friday reported a further slowdown in industrial profit growth due in part to the nation's ongoing campaign to save energy and cut emissions. Profits of major industrial enterprises in 24 provinces grew 51.6 percent in the first 10 months year on year to 2.8 trillion Yuan (427.1 billion U.S. dollars), 1.9 percentage points lower than that for Jan-Sept, the National Bureau of Statistics said on its website.
In the first nine months, industrial profits decelerated by 2.8 percentage points from the Jan-Aug period. Core business revenue of those enterprises rose by 32.1 percent year on year to 45.3 trillion Yuan in the first 10 months.
11/5/10 China is offering buyers of plug-in hybrids and pure electric cars subsidies of as much as 60,000 Yuan ($9,000) to help cut pollution and reduce oil dependency.
11/2/2010 China’s purchasing managers’ index rose to 54.7 from 53.8 in September, beating expectations.
Total volume of China's foreign trade is expected to hit 2.8 trillion U.S. dollars for the whole year of 2010, up 25 % YoY, the Ministry of Commerce said.
11/1/2010 YoY industrial profits in 24 Chinese provinces and regions rose 53.5% in the January-September period.
10/25/10 Chinese imports of Australian ore reached 26 million tonnes in September, up 34 % MoM.
10/22/10 Chinese officials said China processed 8.49 million barrels of crude oil per day in September, 6.6% more than last year and its second highest level ever.
China’s Q3 GDP rose 9.6% YoY
China’s Sept. CPI rose 3.6 % YoY
China’s Sept. industry output rose 13.3% YoY
Rice supply concerns underpin gains as Typhoon Megi approaches coastal China crop areas.
10/17/10 (Bloomberg) -- China’s medium and heavy rare earths reserves may last 15 years to 20 years at the current rate of production
10/13/10 China posted a $16.9 billion trade surplus for September. Exports rose 25.1% YoY and imports climbed 24.1%.
China imported 40.16 million metric tons of soybeans in the first nine months of the year, up 24.1% on year.
China imported 460 million tons of iron ore, down 2.5% on year.
China imported 23.29 million tons of crude in September 35.4% higher than the 17.2 million tons China imported in the corresponding month of 2009.
10/5/10 The US Grains Council estimates China's corn production at 6.22 billion bushels, down 320 million from USDA's estimate and down 280 million from China's estimate.
10/4/10 The Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) of China's manufacturing sector rose to 53.8 % in September, up 2.1% from August
9/27/10 China said it will slap a hefty tariff on U.S. chicken imports to combat what it says are unfairly low prices. The New import duties range from 50.3% to as much as 105.4 % will take effect Monday and last for five years.
The SEC denied a bid by China's largest credit rating firm to become an officially recognized statistical rating organization in the United States.
U.S. Congress moved a step closer to punishing China for allegedly manipulating its currency. A bill in the U.S. Congress would allow US companies to petition for higher duties on imports from China to compensate for an under-valued Chinese Yuan.
9/13/10 China's industrial value-added output growth accelerated to 13.9% YoY in August from July's 13.4 % growth.
China’s retail sales growth accelerated to 18.4% in August.
Chinas exports grew 34.4 % YoY in August, slowing from July's 38.1, while imports rose 35.2 % in August, sharply up from the 22.7% in July
China's broad money supply (M2) rose 19.2% YoY by the end of August, up 1.6% from July.
YoY Chinas CPI rose 3.5% in August, the second consecutive month the CPI has exceeded the government's full-year target of 3 percent. Food prices, which have about a one-third weighting in the calculation of the CPI, rose 7.5% YoY. This is up from the 6.8% rise in July and 5.7% growth in June.
9/9/10 Private-sector analysts believe that China's official corn production estimate of 6.6 billion bushels is about 400 million bushels too high.
9/1/10 China’s PMI rose to 51.7 in August from 51.2 in July.
8/27/10 (Fortune) reports that 65 million dwellings in China are vacant
8/27/10 (WGC) Over the longer-term, demand for gold in China is expected to grow considerably. A report recently published by The People’s Bank of China and five other organizations to foster the development of the domestic gold market will add impetus to the growth in gold ownership among Chinese consumers.
(Bloomberg) -- Gold demand in Vietnam, which consumes more of the precious metal per head than India and China, is set to surge as the third devaluation in the past year and a stock-market slump combine to spur sales.  
8/20/10 Hangzhou Iron & Steel Co., a major Chinese steelmaker, said Saturday its net profit in the first half of the year surged 596.33 % YoY
7/30/10China's PMI index fell to a 17-month low of 51.2 from 52.1 in June.  
7/29/10 Profits of China's industrial enterprises climbed 71.8% Yoy to hit 1.61 trillion yuan (237.5 billion U.S. dollars) in the first six months, the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) said
7/25/10 China's port box volumes up 7.3 - 13.9% in first half of 2010
7/15/10 China's CPI, the country's key inflation gauge, rose 2.9% YoY, but fell 0.6% MoM. The decline from the previous month was mainly due to falling food prices.
7/14/10 Ports in China posted a 19% growth in throughput to 3.18 billion tonnes in the first five months. The container freight volume increased 22.5% to 56.3 million TEU.
7/13/10 China's leading credit rating agency has stripped America, Britain, Germany and France of their AAA ratings, accusing Anglo-Saxon competitors of ideological bias in favor of the West.
(Bloomberg) China, the world’s biggest consumer of vegetable oils, may import about 200,000 metric tons of soybean oil each month from July to September, the portal said in an e-mailed report.
The Chinese government said it will “strictly enforce” policies enacted to quash real estate speculation -- driving developers and lenders lower.
7/12/10 China has replaced the United States as Brazil's top trading partner after Chinese imports rose 57.7% in the first half of the year.
China's June exports exceeded imports by $20.02 billion, up from May’s $19.5 billion trade surplus and April's $1.68 billion surplus.
7/8/10 (Bloomberg) -- China, the world’s second-largest corn consumer, may give up efforts to be self-sufficient in the commodity and boost imports 10-fold by 2015 to feed livestock, said a researcher at Japan’s biggest grain trader.
7/8/10 During the first five months of this year net imports of coal in China rose to 60.11 million tons from 38.44 million tons last year.
(NYT) The weather page of the New Beijing News gives lots of helpful advice. But, in one of the most polluted cities in the world, it doesn't mention something really important: how clean is the air?
TEXT-China spells out gold reserve policy
Finally, increasing the gold reserve will not help much in diversifying China's foreign exchange reserves. In the past few years, we increased the gold reserve by more than 400 tonnes. Our country's gold reserve has already reached 1,054 tonnes. Even if we double the amount, it can only diversify between $30 billion to $40 billion of the foreign exchange reserves, and the proportion of gold reserve in our foreign exchange reserve will only increase by one or two percentage points.
7/2/10 China's GDP rose 9.1% in 2009. Goldman Sachs. cut its growth forecast for China this year to 10.1 % from 11.4 %.
6/30/10 MoM China’s purchasing managers index fell to 52.1 from 53.9
6/18/10 (Bloomberg) -- China, the largest cotton user, may raise its import quota for the natural fiber as it sells more from government stockpiles to quench a supply shortfall, an industry analyst said
6/10/10 YoY China's exports rose 48.5% in May -- boosting hopes that global demand is recovering
6/7/10 Coastal factories are raising salaries, local governments are hiking minimum wage standards -- the cost of doing business in China is going up, and that could drive up consumer prices in the United States and Europe.
As much as 32.3 billion tons of oil can be discovered in China in the future, the 21st Century Business Herald reported Monday, citing experts from the Research Institute of Economics and Technology.
6/2/10 According to China's Xinhua, Iran will sell euros for the U.S. dollar and gold. Iran joins a host of other emerging countries like China and India that have been ramping up their gold reserves and discarding paper currencies
6/1/10 Manufacturing in China fell from 55.7 to 53.9 in May
Chinese ports recorded a container throughput of 11.08 million TEU in April, up 23.2 per cent YoY.
5/5/10 Manufacturing in China fell from 57.0 to 55.4 in April
China will raise reserve requirement 0.50% to 17%.
4/26/10 CHINA is expected to become a dominant force in the world animal feed market. Pork consumption has doubled in the past ten years.
Compound feed fed to pigs currently accounts for only about 40 million tonnes, but this could rise to about 180 million tonnes as the feeding of swill is phased out under a "safe meat" policy. Only 40% of all Chinese meat currently complies with this "safe meat" policy, this is expected to reach 80% by 2015.
4/23/10 Customs authorities said China's exports rose 24.3% in March to US$112.1 billion from the same month a year earlier, while imports soared 66% YoY $119.3 billion. Foreign trade rose 44.1% to $617.85 billion.
4/22/10 China's copper imports rose by 53% in March
4/14/10 China’s economic growth accelerated to 11.9 per cent in the first quarter
4/9/10 China ran its first monthly trade deficit in six years in March of $7.24 billion, down from a surplus of $7.61 billion in February. Customs official called the shortfall a blip.
3/29/10 The World Gold Council said China's gold consumption was 11% of world demand in 2009 and that it was expected to double in the next ten years.
(Economist) China’s money supply grew by about 35% in the year to February
China’s foreign exchange reserves now total $2.4 trillion, of which about 70% are thought to be in dollars.
China is expected to grow 12% in the first three months of this year due to faster-than-expected factory output.
In 2009, China produced 189 million tons of crude oil, but imported an extra 199 million tons, and the oil import dependence well exceeded the warning line of 50%t for the first time to reach 51.29 percent.
3/24/10 (FT) China’s second-largest mobile operator has announced it will remove Google’s search function from new handsets developed with the US company in the first concrete fallout of the clash with Beijing over internet censorship.
(Spiegel) Google has stopped playing by the Chinese rules and moved its search engine to Hong Kong. The move allows the company to keep one foot in China while fulfilling its promise to end self-censorship.
Figures from Hong Kong Airport Authority showed that cargo volume rose 30% YoY in February to 257,000 tonnes.
3/7/10 (WSJ) China faces mounting pressure from trading partners to loosen currency controls and is giving signs it might raise the value of the Yuan to ease strains on its fast-growing economy.
China's high speed rail network (HSR ) is shaping up at an extraordinary speed. The country saw its first experimental HSR in operation in 2003, but by 2014, it will have reached 28,000 km in length - twice as large as similar networks in the rest of the world combined.
2/22/10  Saudi Arabia’s oil exports to the US last year sank below 1m barrels a day for the first time in two decades just as China’s purchases climbed above that level, highlighting a shift in the geopolitics of oil from west to east
2/16/10 China’s iron ore imports from Australia rose 42.9 percent in 2009 to 260 million tons
As trade in the region grows more lucrative, China has been developing port facilities in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar, and it is planning to build railroad lines in Nepal. These projects, analysts say, are part of a concerted effort by Chinese leaders and companies to open and expand markets for their goods and services in a part of Asia that has lagged behind the rest of the continent in trade and economic development.
2/12/10 China is raising reserve requirements for banks from 16.0% to 16.5%.
(Reuters) - India and China are resisting requests to sign up for the Copenhagen Accord for fighting global warming that risks unraveling without clear support from major emitters.
2/2/10 China’s government, seeking to stem property speculation, told banks to raise interest rates on “third” mortgages and demand bigger down payments.
China's Cotton Association estimated that cotton plantings will be down 5% this year.
1/25/10 (FT) China has experienced the strongest growth in scientific research over the past three decades of any country.
1/20/10 China is telling large banks to cut back on lending -- the uncertainty over Beijing's monetary policy is depressing stocks and commodities.
China's GDP grew 10.7% in Q4
1/12/10 China raised bank reserve requirements by 0.5%.
1/5/10 The coal price at Qinghuangdao Port rose for four consecutive months, and set a new record high over the past year, meanwhile, coal inventory fell 29.4% from early December, approaching the alarm point of 5 mln tons again. (Beijing faced the coldest weather in half a century)
1/4/10 Chinas manufacturing index rose from 55.7 to 56.1 in December, the highest in five years.
1/3/10 China appears to have overtaken India as the number one private gold buyer in 09.
Last Friday, China and the 10-country Association of South East Asian Nations launched the final stage of the world’s biggest regional trade agreement, measured by population.
12/27/09 China announced new regulations to increase the use of renewable energy such as wind and hydropower by forcing electricity grid operators to prioritize their use, in an effort by the world's top greenhouse-gas emitter to reduce its reliance on coal. The amendment will force state-owned electric grid companies, which are responsible for distributing electricity from power plants, to buy all the electricity generated from renewable sources even when it is more expensive and more complicated to use than electricity from coal-fired plants -- Coal is not impressed.
12/15/09 (FT) China has banned individuals from registering internet domain names and launched a review of millions of existing personal websites in the toughest government censorship drive so far on the internet
The China Sugar Association has estimated that sugar output for the 2009-10 crop year, starting Oct. 1, will fall to 12 million tons from the previous year's 12.43 million tons.
12/14/09 YoY Chinas M2 money supply rose 29.7%
12/10/09 YoY China’s factory output rose 19.2 %
12/9/09 (Bloomberg) China, the world’s largest steel consumer, will impose provisional duties on some U.S. and Russian imports following anti-dumping and subsidy investigations, escalating a trade spat started in September.
12/1/09 From January to October China's iron ore import rose 36.8 %. In the same phase, domestic iron ore output reached about 702.66 million tons, up 36.04 million tons.
11/29/09 According to the China gold association, Chinas gold demand may be more than 450 metric tons this year, up from 395.6 tons in 2008, and output may climb to 310 tons, compared with 282 tons a year earlier.
11/20/09 China's sugar imports in October rose sharply to 56,882metric tons, the General Administration of Customs said Monday. Last October, the country imported 13,911 tons of sugar. In the January-October period, sugar imports rose 42% to 1.01 million tons,Customs said.
China's cotton imports in October rose 23% YoY to 118,580 metric tons, the General Administration of Customs said Monday. In the January-October period, cotton imports fell 36% to 1,196,644 tons.
11/12/09 China's raw coal output hit 270 million tons in October, climbing to the year's second highest peak
11/10/09 China's Industrial Production rose 16.1% YoY
11/4/09 The World Bank expects GDP in China to be up 8.4% in 2009 and up 8.7% in 2010
10/21/09  YoY Chinas GDP rose 8.9% in Q3
10/21/09 Demand for coal to generate electricity and make steel in China and India is expected to grow by 7% to 8% annually in the next five years, leaving the world "chronically" short of the fuel, the head of U.S. coal miner Peabody Energy Inc (BTU.N) said.
9/28/09 The U.S. Grains Council sees smaller Chinese corn crop than USDA due to this year's drought. Based on the survey they estimate 2009 Chinese production down 9.7% YoY
9/14/09 China called for talks over its trade quarrel with the U.S. in a sign the dispute may be containable.
9/10/09 (Reuters) - China will unswervingly apply its policy mix of massive government spending and loose money because its economic recovery remains fragile, Premier Wen Jiabao said.
8/24/09 China's sugar imports in July rose to 132,982 metric tons from 21,910 tons last July.
China's wheat imports in July up sharply at 85,078 tons versus 373 tons a year ago.
China imported 160 mln bu of soybeans in July; up 25% YoY.
8/23/09 China powers ahead as it seizes the green energy crown from Europe: The Chinese trio of Suntech, Trina and Yingling all expect to be below 70 cents per watt by 2012, bringing the magical goal of "grid parity" with fossil fuels into grasp.
8/11/09 China July Producer Price Index fell 8.2% YoY
China's July Consumer Price Index fell 1.8% YoY
China's July Exports fell 23.0% YoY
China's July Imports fell -14.9% YoY
China's domestic soybean output growth can't match the rate of rising demand, so imports will continue to rise, a government official said Tuesday. China's soybean imports this year will likely total around 40 million metric tons, compared with 37.44 million tons last year, according to General Administration of Customs data. In the January-July period, China imported 26.48 million tons of soybeans, up 28% YoY
7/29/09 Container throughput at China ports fell 10.9% in the first half of 09.
Shanghai’s foreign trade value fell 15.1% YoY but rose 13% MoM
7/17/09 China's June Wholesale Prices fell -8.0% YoY
7/16/09 YoY China's GDP rose 7.9% in Q2 after a 6.1% gain in the previous three months
China June Producer Price Index fell -7.8% versus -7.2% in May
China June Consumer Price Index fell -1.7% versus -1.4% in May
China June Retail Sales rose 15.0% China Jun. Industrial Production rose 10.7% YoY
China’s exports fell 21.4% in June -- that was an improvement over May's record 26.4% drop.
7/14/09 China's foreign-exchange reserves rose a record $178 billion in Q2 to $2.132 Trillion
7/9/09 China’s car sales rose 48%.
(Bloomberg) China’s new lending more than doubled in June from a month earlier, increasing concerns bad loans and asset bubbles will emerge amid a credit boom.
7/8/09 Chinese official are touting an expansion of gold holdings by China and suggesting that the increased holdings were needed as a hedge against a long term downtrend in the Dollar
7/8/09 The IMF expects China’s GDP to rise 7.5% in 2009 and up 8.5% in 2010.
7/1/09 China’s June Manufacturing PMI out at 53.2 versus 53.1 prior
China wants to debate a new reserve currency at next week's G8 meeting
6/26/09 (FT) The People's Bank of China repeated its call for the world to cut its reliance on the dollar, saying it saw serious defects in one currency dominating the global monetary system
6/24/09 Northeast China's Port of Rizhao port handled 16.4 million tonnes of cargo in May, up 26.9 % YoY
6/23/09 China has cut the export tax on several steel products to 5% from the 10-15%.
China's sugar imports in May rose 26% on year to 141,457 metric tons, the General Administration of Customs said.
6/22/09 China imported 337,230 tons of copper in May, a record high that dropped copper to the lowest level in more than two weeks. It was taken as a signal for a peak in demand from the world's biggest consumer of the red metal.
6/20/09 (WSJ) Chinese regulators have ordered Google to suspend search services for foreign Web sites via its Chinese Web site, a Xinhua report said.
6/18/09 The World Bank has raised its economic growth forecast for China from 6.5% to 7.2%
6/17/09 Guangdong's April EU imports rose 33.4% MoM
6/12/09 China's retail sales rose 15.2% YoY.
6/11/09 China’s copper imports rose 6% in May
China’s urban fixed-asset investment (building railways, oil pipelines, low cost housing) rose 32.9%.
6/11/09 YoY China's exports fell 26.4 % in May
6/10/09 China's May Producer Price Index fell 7.2% YoY
China's May Purchasing Price Index fell 10.4% YoY.
China's May Consumer Price Index fell 1.4% YoY
6/9/09 China's vehicle sales rose 34% in May to 1.12 million
6/1/09 China’s manufacturing index dropped from 53.5 to 53.1 in May, but expanded for a third month.
5/22/09 China's copper imports rose 7% MoM and up 149% YoY
5/19/09 China Shipping Container Lines rose 5.6% as Goldman Sachs said it was turning more positive on the transportation industry.
China’s imports of iron ore, used in steelmaking, jumped 33% in April, setting a record for a third month, the customs office said.
5/11/09 Consumer prices in China fell 1.5% YoY
Chinese spot steel prices rose 2.8% this week in the second consecutive weekly gain, on growing recovery expectations.
5/9/09 Vehicle sales in China rose 25% in April
The Port of Shanghai’s foreign trade value fell 25% YoY, but rose 34% February to March.
5/7/09 China's main ports received 15.3 million tonnes or 3.72 million barrels per day of imported crude oil in April -- up 9% YoY.
China has approved a plan to set up 10 million tonnes of refined fuel reserves by 2011 -- about two weeks of current consumption.
4/24/09 China has nearly doubled its gold reserves in the last five years as it diversified its foreign exchange reserves away from US dollar assets. China now holds 1,054 tons of gold in reserve.
MoM China’s coal imports from Vietnam and Canada surged by 138.9%.
4/16/09 Growth of China's GDP slowed to 6.1% in the first quarter of 2009, the weakest since 1992
4/15/09 Chinese manufacturers at Asia’s biggest export fair say orders are starting to recover.
Zinc rose to the highest level in six months on speculation demand is increasing in China.
UBS , raised its shareholdings in China Shipping Container Lines to 6.97% from the previous 4.5%.
4/13/09 Industrial output in China rose 8.3% in March
YoY China's currency reserves grew by 16% in the first quarter. This puts China's currency reserves at US$1.9537 Trillion
MoM Chinese copper imports rose 14 % to a record 374,957 metric tons.
China, may import corn from the U.S. as prices are now competitive compared with local supplies Chinas National Grain and Oils Information Center sa
4/11/09 April 11 (Bloomberg) -- China’s new lending surged more than sixfold from a year earlier to a record 1.89 trillion yuan ($277 billion) in March, adding to signs that growth in the world’s third-biggest economy is gathering pace. M2, the broadest measure of money supply, grew 25.5 percent, the central bank said.
Chinese rail cargo volume fell 4.8% in January.
4/2/09 Chinas Purchasing Manager’s Index rose to a seasonally adjusted 52.4 in March from 49 in February
Shanghais February trade value fell 30.6% YoY to US$28.96 billion, the fourth consecutive month of decline, Xinhua reported
4/1/2009 China Purchasing Managers Index fell to 44.8 in March from 45.1
3/30/09 China's ambassador to the U.K. said Beijing isn't calling for a new global reserve currency to replace the dollar.
3/26/09 (Bloomberg) -- Chinese solar stocks rose the most ever in New York trading after China, the world’s biggest greenhouse-gas emitter, introduced a subsidy to promote the use of alternative energy.
3/24/09 The world outgrew the gold standard decades ago. But a "paper gold" standard might be one way out of the global financial crisis. Zhou Xiaochuan governor of China's central bank said.
(Bloomberg) -- The Shanghai Futures Exchange will begin trading steel contracts on March 27 after an eight-year preparation, helping steelmakers hedge against financial risks.
3/16/09 China has entered a free trade agreement on service trade with Pakistan.
3/12/09 The China National Grain and Oils Information Center expects the country's output of grains in 2009 to be lower for the first time in six years.
It projects wheat output to be down 1.3% to 111 million metric tons
It projects corn output to be down 1.5% to 163 million tons
It projects soybean output down 3.2% to 15 million tons
3/10/09 China's consumer prices fell 1.6% in February.
YoY China’s exports fell 25.7%
China's February auto sales rose 25% -- after tax cuts
3/5/2009 No stimulus package from China. Instead, it reaffirmed its belief that the current package will do the job.
2/11/2009 China's trade plunged in January. YoY exports fell 17.5%, imports fell 43%.
2/5/09 Sales in China's auto industry exceeded the U.S. for the first time last month.
BHP Billiton said build-up of iron ore stockpiles in China that prompted suppliers to defer shipments last year is ending – causing ore shipments to rise, one broker said.
2/2/09 Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said on Sunday he saw signs of recovery in the final days of 2008.
China’s government announced that more than one in seven rural migrant workers have been laid off.
1/26/09 China-Japan November's container trade down 15%
1/21/09 YoY China's gross domestic product grew 6.8% in Q4 -- slowest in seven years.
1/14/09 Fears of mass unemployment and social unrest in China have prompted the Communist Party to issue a stern warning over protests.
Bank lending rose19% in China last month, showing that Beijing's stimulus measures are working.
The number of Internet users in China has reached 298 million
1/13/09 China’s exports fell 2.8% -- the most in almost a decade
1/5/09 The Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI) of China's manufacturing sector climbed 2.4% MoM to 41.2% in December. A reading above 50% indicates expansion, while one below 50% indicates contraction.
12/16/2008 China’s November steel output fell by 12.4% YoY
12/10/2008 YoY Chinese exports fell 2.2% in November
Bloomberg reported that world’s largest iron ore consumer China may ask global iron ore majors to accept an 82% price cut for iron.
Chinas President Hu reiterated the government’s commitment to use all tools at its disposal to maintain economic growth at 8% in 2009.
11/25/08 China cut its interest rate from 6.66% to 5.58%
Ports in China registered a 6% per YoY volume growth in October.
The World Bank expects China's economy to expand 7.5% in 2009 - down from its earlier forecast of 9.2%
11/5/08 The World Bank predicted real GDP in China will be up 7.5% in 2009
11/14/08 China posted its first decline in monthly electricity output in four years
11/10/2008 China approved stimulus plan worth nearly $600 billion through 2010 to boost domestic demand.
11/4/08 China’s Manufacturers Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) showed that factory activity fell to 45.2 from 47.7. (50 and below indicates contraction)
10/30/08 China lowered interest rates from 6.93% to 6.66%.
10/21/08 China intends to set up a soybean reserve of up to 1.5 million tonnes.
China will raise tax rebates for a quarter of its exports and jumpstart infrastructure projects, trying to buffer the impact of weaker overseas demand.
10/20/08 YoY China's economy expanded at 9% in the third quarter.
10/7/2008 China cut its interest rate from 7.20% to 6.93%
9/12/08 YoY China's retail sales rose 23% in August.
INTERFAX-CHINA - Lower iron ore demand from China is a major factor behind the sliding Baltic Dry Index (BDI), a measure of the freight rates of raw materials, which plunged from above 10,000 points five months ago to around 5,000 points on Sept. 9, industry analysts told Interfax on Sept. 10.
Asia - Europe volumes continue to rise according to Far Eastern Freight Conference statistics, which record a 3.2% YoY westbound container throughput increase in July, and a 7.5% jump to 5.75 million TEU in the first seven months.
9/8/08 (Reuters) - Global meat consumption is expected to rise about 20 percent higher by 2015 due to Chinese demand.
9/8/08 With rising fuel prices China's extensive rail network looks set to triple intermodal transport by moving 10 million TEU in three years compared to 3.5 million in 2007.
8/20/08 Japan's exports rebounded in July as China replaced the U.S. as the nation's largest customer.
Shanghai equities made their biggest daily gain in four months as optimism rose the Chinese authorities would implement a stimulus plan.
8/15/08 YoY China's vehicle sales rose 6.8% in July
Hong Kong’s port handled 2.19 million TEU in July, an increase of 4.7%.
8/14/08 YoY China's industrial production rose 14.7% in July
8/5/08 Between January and May, China exported 3.39 billion pairs of shoes, down 3.6% YoY.
7/14/08 China's foreign-exchange reserves rose 35.7% YoY, to a record $1.81 trillion
7/3/08 China Customs data show that during the first five months of this year, China's foreign trade value rose 26.2% over the same period last year to US$1.01 trillion. India was the fastest growing among its trading partners. Trade with India rose 70.3% to $24.2 billion, making it Chinas eighth largest trading partner.
6/19/08 A high-ranking member of the feed industry in China warned overnight that it could face an annual corn-deficit of 400 million bushels by 2010, requiring increased imports. Rapidly increased demand for meat in the Chinese diet is fueling the rise in demand for feed grains and protein, suggesting imports of U.S. corn. Some trade sources have suggested that China may need to begin importing U.S. corn as early as this next year... (Arlan Suderman Farm Futures)
6/19/08 China announced they are increasing their subsidized gasoline prices 16% and diesel prices 40%.
4/23/08 Port of Shanghai's March container throughput rose 17.9% to a new monthly record of 2.39 million TEU, Logistics Week reported.
4/22/08 Reuters reported that YoY oil demand in China jumped up 8%.
4/16/08 China's GDP rose 10.6% YoY
2/14/08 Grain and oilseed prices rose on fresh signs of demand and shrinking supply. Almost half of China’s autumn and winter rapeseed crop was negatively affected by the recent rain and snow storms, the China National Grain & Oils Information Center said.
2/4/08 China is building an enormous logistics facility covering nearly 70 hectares for the newly-launched Sino-Germany Container Railway. It is predicted that the volume of Germany-bound boxes on this railway will reach 20,000 to 26,000 TEU by 2010 while Beijing-bound boxes will be about 10,000 TEU.
1/24/08 China’s GDP rose 11.4% in 2007.
1/22/08 China recorded double-digit growth in trade with all its major trading partners including the EU, US, Japan, ASEAN and South Korea in 2007, Xinhua reported.
1/17/08 (Interfax) according to China customs, China imported 30.8 million tons of soybeans in 2007, up 9% YoY.
1/15/08 China's forex reserve reached 1.53 trillion $ by the end of 2007, up 43.3 percent from 2006.
Chinese Minister of Communications Li Shenglin said container throughput of mainland's ports rose 20.4% YoY to 112.7 million TEU.
12/19/07 Shangyu port is planning new terminals with total annual capacity of 10 million tons. Capacity of the new port will be 40 times larger than the present Shangyu facility, which can accommodate 3,000-tonne vessels and handle 245,000 tons of cargo a year, Xinhua reported.
12/13/07 China’s November industrial production rose 17.3% vs. 18.0% expected.
12/12/07 China November Retail Sales rose 18.8% YoY (18.0% expected)
12/11/07 China's November PPI rose 4.6% YoY vs. 3.5% expected.
China raised bank reserve requirement ratio by 1 %, the largest such move since 2003
12/3/07 Gold demand in China, including the mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan, rose 24 percent in the third quarter to 88.1 tons, the World Gold Council said.
11/27/07 China's National Grain and Oil Trade Center sees a 2007 grain and oilseed supply shortfall of 26 million tons.
10/28/07 China Passes U.S. in Top 10 List as China Life Surges
``European countries were also surprised at the beginning of the 20th century when American companies overtook European companies,'' he said. ``The world better get used to it.''
10/25/07 China’s GDP rose 11.5% QoQ.
10/13/07 Banks must keep 13 % of deposits as reserves from Oct. 25, up from 12.5 percent, the People's Bank of China said today.
10/12/07 China's foreign exchange reserves, the world's largest, rose to $1.434 trillion in Q3.
9/20/07 China plans to restrict fuel made from agricultural products and cut import tariffs to reduce food inflation. Corn demand is expected up 14.5% by 2010, while output is expected to rise 3.5%. China's overall inflation rate in August was a 10-year high of 6.5%. China's food-price inflation however was 18.2%, 34.6% for vegetable oils and 495 percent for meat.
9/6/07 China increased reserve requirements for banks from 12.0% to 12.5% -- the seventh increase this year.
8/26/07 In China, the era when overseas executives could rely on translators is ending. The Chinese government now requires top executives at securities firms to pass written and oral exams in Mandarin, the national tongue, and Chinese managers expect meetings to be conducted in their own language.
8/10/07 The idea that Beijing might use its $1.33 trillion currency reserves as a bargaining chip in trade talks with Washington is (also) unsettling markets.
7/30/07 The Chinese government increased bank reserve requirements - again.
7/19/07 China is canceling its aluminum import taxes, impose export taxes instead.
7/18/07 China's gross domestic product expanded 11.9 % YoY -- the fastest pace in 12 years.
6/26/07 Shares of COSCO, Asia's largest container line, as much as doubled Tuesday on their Shanghai trading debut.
5/23/07 Reuters - Former U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said on Wednesday he feared a "dramatic contraction" in Chinese stocks.
5/22/07 The handling capacity of China's ports is expected to hit 8 billion tons and 170 million TEUs (twenty-foot container equivalent units) in 2010. The cargo handling capacity of all China's ports totaled 5.6 billion tons and 93 million TEUs in 2006.
5/18/07 China raised its one-year lending rate from 6.39% to 6.57%.
China will widen the floating band of yuan against U.S. dollar for daily spot trading on the interbank market from 0.3 percent to 0.5 percent on May 21.
4/3/07 Copper rose to the highest in five months on speculation that mine output may lag behind demand, especially from China.
3/17/07 YoY China's retail sales in the first two months rose a strong 14.7 %.
3/13/07 YoY China's consumer prices were up 2.7% in February.
3/5/07 China will boost its 2007 defense budget by 17.8 % the most in five years.
1/12/07 Chinese GDP rose to 10.5% from 10.4% QoQ.
12/26/06 China's GDP may expand at 10.5% in 2007, according to the National Bureau of Statistics.
12/26/06 China's central bank expects the economy to grow 9.8% in 2007, down from 10.5% this year.
12/13/06 China's economy may have modest downslide after 2006, with its GDP growth to slow from the current 10.4 percent to 9.6 percent in 2007 and 8.7 percent in 2008, a World Bank said.
Executives predict 'talent war' as companies compete for scarce Chinese-speaking graduates
12/12/06 Chinas November retail sales YoY rose 14.1% to 682.2 bln Yuan.
12/11/06 China posted a trade surplus of 22.92 bln $ in November, down slightly from 23.83 bln in October, customs data showed. The trade surplus in the first 11 months was 156.52 bln $, up from 91 bln YoY.
China's consumer price index rose 1.3 pct YoY, the National Bureau of Statistics said.
11/3/06 China's central bank raised the required bank reserve ratio to 9.0% from 8.5%.
10/26/06 Yuan central parity rate set at new high of 7.8940 to dollars versus 7.9007
10/25/06 Former Chinese central bank adviser Yu Yongding said that China should allow the yuan to appreciate faster and that China should abandon its export promotion policy.
10/18/06 The Euro zone trade deficit with China rose to a record 47.6 bln Euros ($59.7 bln) in the year through July, up 24% YoY.
10/13/06 China’s current reserves surged to a record $988 billion at the end of September, up 28.5% YoY.
9/15/06 China announced a cut in its export tax rebates reducing advantages it provides to Chinese exporters in order to curb its trade surplus which hit a record high of $18.8 billion in August. The export rebates were cut on steel, coal, natural gas and textiles.
8/22/06 S&P raised its 2006 GDP forecast for China to +10.5% from +10.0%.
8/18/06 The Chinese central bank today raised its 1-year benchmark rate by 27 bp to 6.12% from 5.85%.
8/16/06 Chinese fixed-asset investment, real estate, factories and utilities, eased to 30.5% YoY in the first seven months of 2006, down from 31.3% in the first half of 2006.
7/31/06 The Chinese Yuan extended its move to post a new 12-1/2 year high at 7.9650 Yuan / dollar.
7/31/06 Dow Jones Newswires estimated that China will import one million tons and India will import four million tons of wheat in 2006-2007.
7/21/06 China today raised required reserve ratio on banks (up 0.5 point to 8.5%) for the second time in 2 months in an attempt to slow bank lending and the economy. That action followed the +11.3% Chinese Q2 GDP report.
7/18/06 Chinese annual growth surged to 11.3 percent in the second quarter, bounding ahead at the fastest pace since the mid1990s on the back of strong investment and exports, the government said on Tuesday.
7/3/06 China has squeaked by Britain by the tiniest of margins to become the world's fourth-largest economy, according to the World Bank's latest calculations.
6/19/06 The Chairman of China’s Cereals and Oils Association says China’s growing industrial use of Corn will force the country to import 10 mmt. of Corn by 2010.
6/16/06 China's central bank is raising the reserve requirements by one-half of a percent slow the economy.
6/12/06 China's retail sales rose 14.2 percent in May as higher incomes spurred consumer spending in the world's fastest-growing major economy.
5/6/06 Bankrupt Logic About China's Debts ..the massive problems facing Chinese banks, whose nonperforming loans total an estimated $700 billion, drew some strong responses. Before getting into one in particular, let me explain the issue in a nutshell. China isn't acting quickly enough to clean up the bad debts that have made its biggest banks technically insolvent.
5/15/06 China's retail sales in April grew 13.6 percent from a year earlier.
China's banks continued to add new loans rapidly in April, with total yuan loans growing 15.5 percent YoY.
4/27/06 China raised its key interest rate from 5.58% to 5.85%.
4/20/06 China Leads The World In Executions, Followed By Iran, Saudi Arabia And U.S.
4/17/06 The Chinese government said that GDP was up an annual rate of 10.2% in the first quarter of 2006, stronger than expected.
3/15/06 YoY China's industrial production was up 16% in the first two months of 2006.
3/1/06 The Chinese economy grew 9.9% in 2005, up from 9.5% in 2004.
2/27/06 China should reduce the dollar share of its foreign exchange reserves because of the risks posed by the instability of the U.S. currency, influential economics professor Xiao Zhuoji said in an interview published on Monday.
1/25/06 China's GDP was up 9.9% in 2005 to $2.3 trillion. That puts China in the number five position,just behind Britain, Germany, Japan and the United States. .
1/25/06 The Chinese National Bureau of Statistics said that:
2005 Cotton Output was 5.7 Mln MT, down 9.8% YoY.
Total grain output in 2005 rose 3.1% to 484 million tons.
Meat production for the year rose 6.3%.
2005’s Oilseed and sugar output were unchanged from 2004.
Ag Minister Du Qinlin said that, although grain output has risen in the past two years, production has still failed to meet demand. He says it will be increasingly difficult to boost output due to China's growing population, water shortages, and a decrease in the size of farm lands.
Du said that China will likely face a shortage of grains next year, as demand is expected to exceed output by 15 million tons, demand for grains are expected to reach 495 million tons in 2006.
China also said that they imported 1.39 million tons of sugar, up 14% from a year ago.

1/17/06 China's tax chief said on Tuesday the economy had grown by 9.8 percent in 2005, but comments by a senior commerce ministry official and analysts suggested the pace of expansion could slow this year, if only slightly.
1/10/06 Shanghai now the world's largest cargo port. It only took Shanghai port five years to double cargo handling capacity from 200 million tons to 400 million tons.
12/20/05 The Chinese government discovered $280 billion of national income to add to its 2004 GDP figures. The 2004 growth rate is now 16.5%, higher than previously reported.
11/18/05 There are rumors the Chinese government may decline to own up to the 200,000 ton copper short position that their absconded trader left it with.
11/15/05 YoY China's industrial output increased 16.1 percent in October to 632 billion yuan (78 billion dollars).
11/10/05 China is speeding up plans to allow local institutions to invest overseas, a move that could begin to release a portion of the billions of dollars of foreign currency now sitting in low-return Chinese bank deposits.
11/08/05 The U.S. and China agreed to trade limits on a range of clothing items for three years.
10/6/05 China is poised to unveil a new roadmap for the world's seventh-biggest economy that scraps a long-standing policy of faster growth in favor of improving social services and curbing widespread environmental devastation.
09/29/05 U.S. Manufacturers want to see China's Yuan currency "appreciate significantly," the largest U.S. manufacturing group said on Thursday in its latest salvo over what it sees as Beijing's unfair trade practices.
09/26/05 China's central bank predicted  that GDP will be up 9.2% this year.
09/23/05 China's central bank surprised the markets this morning by saying that they would increase the Yuan's daily allowable range from 1.5% to 3.0% for the non-dollar currencies.
09/20/05 Chile and China could sign a free trade agreement as early as November, linking the world's biggest producer and consumer of copper, Chilean President Ricardo Lagos told Reuters on Tuesday.
09/14/05 YoY China's industrial production was up 16%.
09/13/05 YoY Retail sales in China were up 12.5% in August.
09/12/05 The International Monetary Fund urged Beijing to introduce more flexibility for its yuan currency to help protect the Chinese economy and help correct global trade imbalances.
Deutsche Bank said China is about five times as energy-intensive as the U.S. which means its takes five times as much energy to produce a dollar of GDP.
08/24/05 China expects to push steadily forward with reforms of the Yuan to guarantee the country's economic and financial stability, a top government economist said on Wednesday.
08/10/05 China announced the main parts of its new currency basket are the U.S. dollar, the Euro, the yen, and the Korean won.
08/04/05 China expects consumer inflation to run at under 2.5 percent this year, state media reported Thursday, citing a government policy making body.
07/27/05 A Cabinet-level official of the Chinese government said that China would "gradually" open its markets and import more than $1 trillion worth of goods from the United States over the next five years.
07/22/05 China's currency rose about 2 percent against the U.S. dollar at the start of trading on Friday, a day after the government cut the yuan's link to the dollar in a move that could make Chinese exports more expensive and foreign assets cheaper for China to buy.
07/13/05 The International Energy Agency said that China's oil consumption will grow 7% next year to 7.3 million barrels per day.
06/13/05 The European Union struck a deal with China that limits China's exports of ten product categories through 2008. The deal may have relieved some of the concerns about an escalating trade war with China
06/13/05 China will not bow to international pressure to reform its tightly controlled currency regime any time soon and will base its policy on primarily on domestic considerations, Chinese officials and business leaders said on Monday.
05/25/05 China can and should move quickly toward a more flexible currency to help rebalance world trade, Federal Reserve Governor Ben Bernanke said. And a Chinese trade official on Wednesday commented that a move to allow the country's currency to trade more flexibly would eventually involve attaching the yuan to a basket of currencies
05/24/05 The volume of cargo passing through China's ports every year is expected to rise by more than 50 percent in the next five years.
05/23/05 Chinese government statistics released Monday showed the combined profits of China's industrial firms rose 15.6% on year in the first four months of 2005, down 30.1 percentage points from growth in the same period last year.
05/23/05 China's gross domestic product expanded 9.4 percent in the first quarter of 2005 from a year earlier, revised down from an initial estimate of 9.5 percent.
05/18/05 China rejected U.S. pressure for quick action toward revaluing its currency and criticized U.S. and European curbs on surging textile imports as unfair.
05/11/05 The International Energy Agency said that China's demand for oil increased 4.5% in the first quarter from a year ago.
04/21/05 China's president on Thursday urged Asian and African leaders to pursue free trade agreements and open their markets to each other to overcome economic woes plaguing countries on the two continents.
04/21/05 China imported 2.7 million barrels of oil per day in March, up 23% from a year ago
04/20/05 China's economy expanded 9.5 percent, faster-than-expected, putting fresh pressure on Beijing to rein in growth.
04/11/05 China's trade surplus rose to $5.73 billion in March up from $4.6 billion in February. YoY exports rose 32.8 percent in March , while imports grew 18.6 percent.
03/16/05 China's slowdown continues to challenge normal definitions. Fixed asset investment surged 24.5 per cent in the first two months of the year - 8.5 percentage points higher than Beijing's 2005 target - while industrial production hit a nine month high. But Washington's hopes that Beijing will curb growth through currency appreciation, thereby reducing the US trade deficit, look more misplaced than ever.
03/10/05 China import growth falls amid cooling measures
China's annual import growth slowed to 8.3 percent in the first two months of 2005.
03/09/05 There is renewed talk that the People's Bank of China has been considering pegging their currency to a wider basket of currencies - not just the dollar.
03/07/05 China Stock Market Misses Out on Boom Millions of Chinese have learned hard lessons about the risks of playing the market. China's national stock index sank 15% last year, making it the worst performer of the world's major markets. The index is down more than 40% from its peak in 2001.
03/04/05 Chinese chase Canadian oil  CHINA’S state oil companies are creating a political furore in the Canadian province of Alberta as they seek to buy their way into the Athabasca oil sands, the world’s largest petroleum resource. The prospect of Chinese oil companies diverting the bitumen reserves to refineries in the People’s Republic is creating anxiety in Washington and concern in the Alberta government. The high price of crude oil has stimulated billions of dollars of new investment in Alberta’s tar sands which contain more than 1 trillion barrels of oil.
02/17/05 The Canadian Press reported that "China has surpassed the United States in consumption of every basic food, energy and industrial commodity except oil."
02/10/05 Chinese and Indian economies to overtake Japan by 2020 China and India will be the world's second and third largest economies by 2020, pushing Japan into fourth place, according to research by Deutsche Bank. The United States will remain the biggest economy. However, India and Malaysia will overtake China to become the world's fastest-growing economies over the next 15 years due mainly to strong population growth.
02/04/05 In 2004, China entered a new era in its approach to agricultural policy, as it began to subsidize rather than tax agriculture. China introduced direct subsidies to farmers, began to phase out its centuries-old agricultural tax, subsidized seed and machinery purchases, and increased spending on rural infrastructure. The new policies reflect China's new view of agriculture as a sector needing a helping hand. The subsidies are targeted at grain producers, but they do not provide strong incentives to increase grain production. USDA
01/29/05  China told the world on Saturday it will not rush to reform its pegged exchange rate regime, dashing hopes for a breakthrough on currency issues at next week's Group of Seven finance ministers' meeting.
01/26/05 Liang Hong, an economist with Goldman Sachs in Hong Kong, said that the government had expanded the capacity of many ports by 30 percent to 60 percent within months, a task that would take years in practically any other country. China also increased electrical output 14 percent last year alone.
01/26/05 A Chinese official said that they would be willing to discuss the value of China's yuan at the upcoming G-7 meeting.
01/25/05 China's GDP increased 9.5% in 2004, more than expected and the biggest gain in eight years. 2003 GDP was up 9.1%.
01/11/05 YoY China's December exports were up 33% while imports were up 25%.
01/04/05 China Cuts Money Supply Goal to 15% to Curb Inflation
12/30/04 China tries to bring its roaring economy to a sustainable level
12/29/04 The State Development and Reform Commission forecasts in a report on December 29 that China's GDP growth will drop back to 8.5 percent next year following a 9.1 percent expansion this year due to a slow-down expected for both investment and exports.
The report sets the investment increase at around 18 percent, retailing sales of consumer products at about 9.5 percent , exports at 15 percent, CPI at 3 percent and industries above the scale at 16 percent.
12/21/04 China said that it consumed 2.7 million barrels of oil per day in November, up 46% from last year.
12/20/04 China Unveils New Rules for Religions. Control Still Seen as a Hallmark of Government Policy.
12/14/04 China continues to pull on global commodities with demand for US soybeans rising in 2004/05 by nearly 50 per cent on the previous year.
12/13/04 China released figures suggesting the economy is not decelerating as much as feared, easing concerns the government might have stepped too hard on the brakes.
12/13/04 YoY retail sales in China were up 13.9% in November , the second biggest jump ever.
12/09/04 Industrial production in China was up 14.8% from a year ago in November, the smallest gain in over a year.
12/08/04 China will move gradually to a flexible exchange rate regime but will take into account the need to maintain the stability of its economy and those of its neighbours, Premier Wen Jiabao said.
11/15/04 Retail sales in China were up 14% in October YoY.
11/12/04 Brazil has recognized China as a market economy, President Hu Jintao declared here, claiming the prized status his delegation had been clamoring for since their arrival in Brasilia a few days ago.
11/12/04 The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) said Friday that the October consumer price index (CPI) was up 4.3 percent compared with a year earlier after an increase of 5.2 percent in September and 5.3 percent in both August and July.
11/10/04 China's industrial production was up 15.7% in October year over year.
11/10/04 Stringent new fuel-economy standards in China will force  automakers to upgrade their vehicles as Beijing moves to regulate gas consumption and curb its growing dependence on oil. The regulatory tightening is set for two phases -- one in 2005 and the other in 2008. When completed it will make China's fuel-consumption standards overall more strict than the United States', the World Resources Institute said in a report.
11/09/04 China's economy will grow 9.2 percent this year, the World Bank (WB) forecast Tuesday as a top Chinese leader trumpeted government attempts to cool growth as "exceeding expectations".
11/01/04 Rising energy and raw material prices are pressuring inflation and will push up the consumer price index next year, state press Monday cited the country's top statistician as warning.
10/28/04 China's central bank raised its benchmark one-year lending rate by more than a quarter of a percentage point – the first rate increase in more than nine years.
10/22/04 China's GDP increased 9.1% in the third quarter year over year, down from a 9.6% increase in the second quarter.
10/20/04 IMF warns China not to delay flexible currency policy. The Chinese yuan, which is fixed to the US dollar, is currently considered grossly undervalued.
10/17/04 China's car sales rose 13.94 percent in September from August to 194,100 units, the China Daily said on Monday, citing official data which signals further signs of life after months of weak growth caused by credit curbs.
10/16/04 Chinese companies are increasingly being squeezed between rising raw materials prices and the inflexibility of big retail customers
10/13/04 A new fund, called the iShares FTSE/Xinhua China 25 Index Fund, began trading  on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol FXI.  The fund tracks the FTSE/Xinhua China 25 index, comprising 25 of the largest companies in China.  
09/29/04 China said that they will burn a cargo load of soybeans from Argentina that tested positive for fungicide.
09/28/04 Crisis looms due to weak dollar
09/21/04 China imported 70 million barrels of crude oil in August, up 37% from a year ago.
09/09/04 China's exports rose nearly 38 percent in August from a year earlier, higher-than-expected growth that helped the country's fourth-straight monthly trade surplus swell to $3.9 billion.
09/09/04 China August industry output grows 15.9 pct
09/07/04 China to open up gold trade
08/30/04 China needs to invest $120 bn in power generation
08/30/04 China's cotton textile industry grew 15% in the first half of 2004 from a year ago.
08/23/04 Chinas total imports of farm produce in the first half of the year rose 62.5 per cent to $14.35bn. (Financial Times)
06/23/04 CNBC estimates that 4.5% of Chinese use the Internet.
06/17/04 China, an unquenchable thirst
05/24/04 China plans to build as much new electricity-generating capacity in each of the next two years as the UK has today. (FT)
04/29/04 In an effort to slow the economy, China's government reportedly ordered banks not to increase lending.
03/25/04 "I believe the country must grow rapidly to absorbed the huge number of new entrants into the labor force every year and to meet the needs of the large number of people who are leaving the rural areas and moving to urban centers. To accommodate the roughly 20 million people per year migrating to the cities, the Chinese in effect, have to build a Houston, Texas, per month". Dr. Edward Yardeni Prudential Equity Group.
03/10/04 Intel Says It Isn't Complying With China's Wireless Standard, Setting Stage for Showdown "Eventually, Chinese companies will take up your market share," he said. "We have chip makers too, so we don't have to depend on your products to survive."
As much as 50% of Chinese bank loans are nonperforming, Mr. Greenspan said in a letter to Senate Banking Committee Chairman Richard Shelby.
02/24/04 The new China Syndrome: Commodity price boom sets alarm bells ringing
02/18/04 The other China syndrome
01/16/03 Yum! Restaurants Intl Opens 1000th KFC In China; KFC Is China's Largest and Most Popular Quick-Service Restaurant
11/06/03 The country's total grain demand averages between 480 million and 490 million tonnes annually and will grow to approximately 640 million tonnes in 2030 when the population hits 1.6 billion people from the present of 1.3 billion. The Age