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Germany Current account balance as  % of GDP
2001  - 0.2
2002  - 0.9
2003  - 1.0
2004  +3.1
2005  +3.7
2007 +5.6
2008  +6.6
2009  +4.0
2011  +6.3
2012  +5.6
2013  +6.8
2016  +8.9
2020  +5.9

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Germany Dax Index (weekly), 20 week exponential average in green, 5 week exponential average in red, MACD (moving average convergence divergence) in green.
Germany Dax Index monthly chart, the red line is a 24 month exaverage, the yellow line is a 6 month exaverage.
This chart is no longer updated but will remain for reference.
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6/28/2022 Germany's Consumer price inflation unexpectedly eased to 7.6% in June from 7.9 % in May
Germany's import prices have eased to 30.6% YoY in May from 31.7% in April  in a sign that inflation may have peaked.
9/15/2021 German Economic Institute DIW - Cuts German GDP forecast to 2.1% from 3.2% in 2021
8/15/2021 Germany's wholesale prices rose 11.3% YoY in Jul vs +10.7% in June. This was the highest monthly annual rate of change since Oct1974 after the first oil crisis.
3/13/2021 Spiegel: With RT DE, Moscow wants to provide a platform for corona skeptics, right-wing populists and leftist fans of the Kremlin to destabilize democracy in Germany. Internal emails provide insights into the media organization.
Germany's domestic intelligence agency hopes to place the entire Alternative for Germany party under surveillance. It views the party as being hostile to democracy.
12/9/2020 Facebook's (AKA the plague on humanity) renamed cryptocurrency is still 'wolf in sheep's clothing': German Finance Minister
11/24/2020 (Reuters) - Germany’s gross domestic product grew by a record 8.5% in the third quarter as Europe’s largest economy partly recovered from an unprecedented plunge caused by the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in spring, the statistics office said on Tuesday.
9/26/2020  Welt am Sonntag: Siemens Energy mulls plan for exiting coal activities - (and another Co. wising up)
2/26/17 Germany’s environment minister, announced that the government would be instituting a ban on meat at official functions held by the Ministry of Environment, citing the environmental burden of meat production as the reason for the ban.
12/6/2015 (Spiegel) Ahead of the planned lifting of Western sanctions against Iran, businessmen from around the world are visiting the country, and as one group from Germany discovered, there is no shortage of opportunities
3/16/15 Germany's annual inflation got out of its negative territory  and stood at  0.1 % in February
9/1/14 The time has come for France to resist Germany's "obsession" with austerity and promote alternative policies across the euro zone that support household consumption, French Economy Minister Arnaud Montebourg said.
Spiegel reported  that   Merkel is unhappy with European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi for apparently proposing a greater emphasis on fiscal stimulus over austerity in order to boost growth in Europe.
4/13/14 MoM Germany’s CPI stood at 1.2 percent in February (a three year low), following a rate of 1.3 percent in January and 1.4 percent in December 2013.
1/18/14 Brussels is demanding that even foreigners who have never worked in Germany should have access to the country's unemployment benefits if they hail from an EU member state. The EU is firing Germany's already overheated immigration debate.
8/24/13 German economy expanded by 0.7% in Q2 of 2013 compared with the previous
7/20/13 German austerity chief, finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble has warned Greek leaders not to play with fire by pressing for fresh debt-relief. He urged Greeks not to back track from their painful austerity and reform path. What’s the problem? You Greek’s don’t like 28.2% unemployment - too high?
6/3/13  Forget environmental concerns: When it comes to fracking, Germans are worried about how it might affect beer quality. In a letter to several ministries in Berlin, brewers expressed concern that the exploitation of shale gas could contaminate water supplies and thus violate the beer purity law of 1516.
6/3 /13 Wolfgang Schäuble sounded almost like a new convert extolling the wonders of heaven as he raved about his latest conclusions on the subject of saving the euro. "We need more investment, and we need more programs," the German finance minister announced.
5/3/13 Germany will grow by a meager 0.5% this year, the government said
1/18/13 Germany showed a paltry growth of just 0.7%.
German consumer prices rose by 2.1% in December
11/4/12 (CNN)The German power grid has outages at an average rate of 21 minutes per year. The winds may howl. The trees may fall. But in Germany, the lights stay on. There's no Teutonic engineering magic to this impressive record. It's achieved by a very simple decision: Germany buries almost all of its low-voltage and medium-voltage power lines, the lines that serve individual homes and apartments. Americans could do the same. They have chosen not to.
8/3/12 Deutsche Bank said it will slash 1,900 jobs in an effort to achieve cost savings of about 3 billion Euros.
3/27/12 Consumer confidence  for Germany declined to 5.9 in April from 6.0 points in March.
3/16/12 China overtook the United States to become the top foreign investor in Germany in 2011 in terms of investment project numbers.
12/15/11 The yield on Germany's 30-year debt hit an all-time low of 2.36%.
12/15/11 Merkel calmly told parliament that a solution would take years and German central bank head Jens Weidmann compared demands for ECB intervention to an alcoholic grabbing for the bottle.  
12/6/11 The survival of Commerzbank, Germany's second-largest bank is at stake, and Berlin is considering a full nationalization of the bank if necessary.
11/18/11 Moody's downgraded the ratings on debt and deposit of 10 German public-sector banks
9/9/11 Germany Said to Ready Plan to Help Banks If Greece Defaults. The resignation of a key official from the European Central Bank was the latest sign of deepening disagreement over how to solve Europe' economic problems.
Merkel greeted the verdict from the German constitutional court as pivotal in upholding the legitimacy of her government's Eurozone bailouts package, saying it justifies her policies in dealing with the debt crisis.
8/20/11 Germany now has more renewable energy installed than the USA.
7/26/11 German consumer confidence for August declined to 5.4 from 5.5 in July.
7/14/11 (Spiegel) Germans want to end nuclear power and turn to renewable energy, but they keep buying SUVs. Global carbon emissions and oil consumption have risen sharply over the last two environmentally conscious decades -- and the trends will continue, as long as Westerners keep discovering new "needs."
4/20/11 MoM German PPI rose a less than expected 0.4% in March and rose 6.2% YoY.
1/31/11 Merkel says Germany will never abandon euro.
12/17/10 Ifo institute said its business climate index, rose to 109.9 from 109.
11/1/2010 The German unemployment rate fell by 7.5% YoY, staying at about 2.9 million, the lowest level since 1992.
10/12/10 YoY German inflation rose 1.3% in September.
9/26/10 German Ifo business climate index rose to its highest level in more than three years
7/28/10 German consumer prices rose 1.1%YoY and 0.2 % MoM.  
7/8/10 MoM German exports rose by 9.2 % in May.
6/30/10 MoM Germany's unemployment rate improved from 7.7% to 7.5%
4/28/10 Germany's unemployment rate improved from 8.0% to 7.8% in April.
3/24/10 Air cargo demand is rocketing in response to global economic recovery, says Lufthansa Cargo CEO Carsten Spohr.
2/2/10 Swiss lawmaker compares Germany's attempts to get hold of data on cross-border tax evaders to bank robbery.
1/13/10 YoY Germany's GDP fell 5.0%
9/30/09 Germany's unemployment rate improved from 8.3% to 8.2% in September.
8/26/09 Germany’s July Import Price Index fell -0.9% MoM
Business confidence in Germany rose from 87.5 to 90.5 in August
8/19/09 Germany’s July Producer Prices fell -1.5% MoM (-0.2% expected) YoY PP are
7.8% lower in July, the steepest such fall since records began in 1949
8/11/09 Germany’s July Wholesale Price Index fell -10.6% YoY
8/7/09 Germany’s June Trade Balance out at 12.2B (10.6B expected) and 9.5B in May
Germany’s June Industrial Production out at -0.1% MoM ( +0.5% expected)
7/29/09 Germany’s July CPI fell 0.1% MoM and 0.6% YoY (+0.2%/-0.3% expected)
7/27/09 German consumer confidence rose to 3.5 points, up from 3 points -- a 14-month high.
7/20/09 Germany’s June Producer Prices fell -0.1% MoM
7/10/09 Germany June Wholesale Price Index rose 0.9% MoM but was still down 8.8% YoY
7/8/09 Germany’s May Industrial Production rose 3.7% MoM
7/7/09 Germany May Factory Orders rose 4.4% MoM but fell 29.4% YoY
6/23/09 Germany’s July Consumer Confidence rose to 2.9 from 2.6 in June
6/16/09 (Spiegel) A German-led consortium wants to fund an international solar-energy plan to the tune of 400 billion. The idea is to gather solar heat in North Africa and send the electricity to Europe. If it works, it would be the largest green-energy project in the world.
6/9/09 YoY Germany's exports fell 29% in April
5/29/09 Germany Apr. Retail Sales rose 0.5% MoM but fell 0.8% YoY
5/28/09 Germany’s May Unemployment Rate out at 8.2% vs. 8.4% expected and 8.3% in April.
5/25/09 Germany’s business climate index rose to 84.2 from 83.7 in April.
5/19/09 Investor confidence in Germany rose from 13 to 31.1
5/15/09 Germany’s GDP fell 3.8% in Q1
4/4/09 Germany's retail sales fell 1%
4/29/09 Germany real GDP will contract 6% in 2009. For 2010, they expect real GDP to be up 0.5%.
4/24/09 German business confidence rose from 82.2 to 83.7.
4/20/09 German Chancellor Angela Merkel struck an upbeat note on the economy on Monday, saying the downturn may have bottomed out.
4/1/2009 Germany Feb. Retail Sales fell -0.2% MoM and -5.3% YoY
3/31/09 Germany’s unemployment rate rose from 8.0% to 8.1% in March
3/25/09 German business sentiment fell from 82.6 to 82.1 in March
2/24/09 German business confidence index (IFO) fell to 82.6 from 83 in January
1/27/09 Germany's business climate index rose from 82.7 to 83.0
1/14/09 Germany's GDP rose 1.3% in 2008
1/9/09 Germany's government bails out Commerzbank, amid renewed anxiety about financial markets
1/7/09 Germany saw its unemployment levels rise to 7.6%.
1/6/09 The German government’s second fiscal stimulus could reach 50bn ($68bn, £47bn) over 2 years.
12/18/2008 German business confidence (IFO) fell to its lowest level ever in December amid concerns of a prolonged recession.
12/9/2008 Economic sentiment in Germany rose from -53.5 to -45.2
12/5/08 Germany's manufacturing orders fell 6.1% in October.
10/30/08 Unemployment in Germany fell under the 3m, the lowest in 16 years.
10/14/08 Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Holland and Austria have joined forces to launch the greatest bank bail-out in history, offering over 1.5 trillion in guarantees and fresh capital in a "shock and awe" blitz to halt the credit panic.
10/8/2008 The ECB, Bank of England, Bank of Canada and Sweden each cut their benchmark rates by half a percentage point.
The ECB's rate is now 3.75 %; Canada's 2.5%; the U.K.'s at 4.5%; and Sweden's rate at 4.25%.
9/24/08 Business confidence in Germany dropped from 94.8 to 92.9 in September, the lowest in three years.
7/24/08 Germany's business confidence fell from 101.2 to 97.5 in July
4/23/08 German business sentiment fell from 104.8 to 102.4.
2/4/08 China is building an enormous logistics facility covering nearly 70 hectares for the newly-launched Sino-Germany Container Railway. It is predicted that the volume of Germany-bound boxes on this railway will reach 20,000 to 26,000 TEU by 2010 while Beijing-bound boxes will be about 10,000 TEU.
1/15/08 Germany's GDP rose 2.5% in 2007.
1/7/08 Germany's cocoa grindings rose 17% in 2007.
1/3/08 The unemployment rate in Germany improved from 8.6% to 8.4% in December, the lowest in 15 years.
12/19/07 Business confidence in Germany fell from 104.2 to 103.0 in December -- a two year low.
11/30/07 Retail sales in Germany fell 2.7%
11/27/07 Business confidence in Germany rose from 103.9 to 104.2 in November, stronger than expected.
10/30/07 Germany's unemployment rate fell from 8.8% to 8.7%.
10/24/07 Germanys leading economic indicators fell 0.8% in August.
9/28/07 Germany's unemployment rate improved to 8.8% in September.
9/6/07 Manufacturing orders in Germany fell 7.1% in July, weaker than expected.
8/29/07 Confidence in Germany fell from 8.5 to 7.6 in August, weaker than expected.
6/23/07 The Ifo Institute's index of business confidence in Germany fell from 108.6 to 107.0 in June.
5/22/07 An index of investor confidence in Germany increased from 16.5 to 24.0 in May, the highest score in 11 months.
1/3/07 Germany's unemployment rate was unchanged at 9.6% in December.
12/19/06 German business confidence increased from 106.8 to 108.7
12/14/06 Germany's Ifo economic institute predicts the economy will grow 2.5% in 2006 and 1.9% in 2007.
12/12/06 German Economic Sentiment at -19 vs. -25 expected.
German Current Situation at 63.5 vs. 55.3 expected.
10/26/06 Business confidence in Germany increased from 104.9 to 105.3 in October, more than expected.
10/12/06 Consumer prices in Germany were down 0.5% in September and up 1.0% YoY.
10/9/06 Industrial production in Germany rose 1.9% in August.
9/26/06 Germany's September Ifo business confidence index fell slightly to 104.9 from 105.0 in August, but was stronger than market expectations for a decline to 104.4.
9/7/06 Industrial production in Germany was up 1.2% in July.
9/6/06 Germany's factory orders were up 1.8% in July.
8/30/06 Germany's retail sales were down 1.5% in July.
8/24/06 The Ifo index of business confidence in Germany dropped from 105.6 to 105.0 in August, less than expected.
8/18/06 YoY Germany's July producer price index was up 6.0% versus. 5.9% exp. -- just slightly below June's 24-year high of +6.1%.
8/4/06 German June factory orders unexpectedly declined -0.5% from a changed -1.5% decline in May.
8/4/06 The International Monetary Fund has raised its forecast for German economic growth this year to 1.4 percent from 1.3.
8/1/06 Germany's July unemployment rate fell to a 2-year low of 10.6% from 10.8%.
7/31/06 Retail sales in Germany rose 1.9% in June
7/17/06 The German newspaper Die Welt reported Monday that Europe's biggest computer maker, Fujitsu-Siemens, wants to go back to the 40-hour work week to save on production costs and keep the plants going, "If we respect the 35-hour week, we will not be able to maintain our factories at Augsburg and Soemmerda. " Fujitsu-Siemens chief executive Bernd Bischoff said.
6/30/06 Germany's retail sales were down 2.2% in May, but up 1.9% YoY.
Producer prices in Germany were up 0.1% in May and up 6.2%YoY.
5/8/06 Business confidence in Germany rose from 103.4 to 105.4 in March, the highest in 15 years.
1/25/06 The Ifo index of business confidence in Germany increased from 99.7 to 102.0 in January
1/12/06 Germany's GDP was up 0.9% in 2005.
1/9/06 The German government approved a 25 billion Euro spending program designed to give momentum to a weak economic upturn.
1/3/06 Germany's unemployment rate improved from 11.4% to 11.2% in December.
12/28/05 Consumer confidence in Germany increased from 3.4 to 3.8 in December, the highest in six months.
12/8/05 Industrial production in Germany increased 1.1% in October
11/2/05 Germany's unemployment rate improved from 11.2% to 11.0% in October with 4.556 million people out of work.
10/25/05 Business confidence in Germany increased from 96.0 to 98.7 in October, the highest in five years.
09/29/05 Germany's unemployment rate increased from 11.6% to 11.7% in September.
08/25/05 YoY Consumer prices in Germany were up 1.9% in August.
08/04/05 German factory orders were up 2.4% in June, stronger than expected.
07/28/05 Germany's unemployment rate improved from 11.7% to 11.6% in July.
07/26/05 Business confidence in Germany rose to a five-month high in July. The Ifo institute in Munich said  its business confidence index rose to 95 from 93.3.
06/29/05 The International Monetary Fund reduced its estimate of German GDP growth in 2006 from 1.8% to 1.3%.
06/27/05 The Ifo Institute's index of business confidence in Germany increased from 92.9 to 93.3 in June.
06/07/05 Germany's industrial production was up 1.1% in April.
06/06/05 Factory orders in Germany were down 2.9% in April, weaker than expected.
05/31/05 Germany's unemployment rate dropped from 12% to 11.6% in May.
05/25/05 An index of German business confidence from the Ifo Institute dropped from 93.3 to 92.9 in May, the lowest in two years.
05/12/05 YoY Germany's GDP was up 1.0% in the first quarter.
05/11/05 YoY consumer prices in Germany were up 1.6% in April .
04/28/05 The unemployment rate in Germany dropped from 12.5% to 12.0% in April. The number of unemployed  fell from 5.18 to 4.97 million.
04/26/05 Six economic institutes in Germany reduced their estimate of 2005 GDP growth for Germany from 1.5% to 0.7%.
04/25/05 An index of business confidence in Germany dropped from 94.0 to 93.3 in April, the lowest reading in over a year.
04/18/05 Germany's central bank said that the economy grew 0.2% in the first quarter of 2005.
03/09/05 Industrial production in Germany increased 3.1% in January, more than expected.
03/04/05 Manufacturing orders in Germany were down 3.4% in January.
03/02/05 Retail sales in Germany were up 2.1% in January, stronger than expected. YoY retail sales were down 0.4%.
03/01/05 Germanys unemployment rate is at 11.7%, the highest in seven years.
02/25/05 An index of consumer confidence in Germany increased from 4.2 to 4.8 in February, the highest in almost a year.
02/23/05 Ifo's index of business confidence in Germany dropped from 97.5 to 95.5 in February.
02/18/05 Consumer prices in Germany were down 0.4% in January and up 1.6% YoY.
02/15/05 In Germany, the GDP shrank 0.2% in the fourth quarter after posting no growth in the third quarter.
02/08/05 Industrial production in Germany increased 1.2% in December, slightly more than expected.
02/04/05 Manufacturing orders in Germany increased 7.1% in December, much more than expected and the biggest monthly increase in at least 14 years.
02/03/05 German retail sales were down 2.7% in December from a year ago, the lowest in ten years.
02/02/05 Germany's adjusted unemployment rate was 11.4% in January, the highest in seven years. Unadjusted figures show that more than 5 million people are unemployed, the most since World War II.
01/26/05 Germany's Ifo Institute said that its index of business confidence increased from 96.2 to 96.4 in December, stronger than expected.
01/25/05 Germany's government reduced it growth estimate for 2005 from 1.7% to 1.6%.
01/13/05 Germany's GDP was up 1.7% in 2004, the most in four years.
01/12/05 YoY consumer prices in Germany were up 2.1% in December.
01/10/05 YoY German exports were up 13.2% in November, while imports were up 12.5%.
01/07/05 Manufacturing orders in Germany were down 2.3% in November, weaker than expected.
01/06/05 German retail sales were down 2.5% in November, weaker than expected.
01/04/05 4.48 million Germans were out of work in December, the most in seven years. The unemployment rate remained at 10.8%.
01/03/05 38.4 million Germans had a job in 2004, up 0.3% from a year ago and the first increase in three years.
12/29/04 An index of consumer confidence in Germany increased from 2.6 to 2.9 in December, the highest in six months.
12/17/04 The Ifo index of business sentiment in Germany increased from 94.1 to 96.2 in December, much stronger than expected.
12/09/04 Industrial output in Germany was up .6% in October.
12/07/04 An index of investor confidence in Germany increased from 13.9 to 14.4 in December, stronger than expected.
12/06/04 Factory orders in Germany were up 1.1% in October, stronger than expected.
12/02/04 Germany's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate increased from 10.7% to 10.8% in November with 4.46 million unemployed.
11/17/04 Peter Bofinger, a member of Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder's council of economic advisers, said the European Central Bank should sell euros to stem the currency's advance against the U.S. dollar, which threatens to derail Germany's recovery from three years of stagnation. (Everyone including the US seems to want  a lower $)
11/11/04 Germany's GDP was up .1% in the third quarter, weaker than expected. Exports were down on the quarter for the first time in five quarters, hurt by the higher value of the eurocurrency. Year over year the GDP was up 1.3%.
11/09/04 An index of investor confidence in Germany dropped from 31.3 to 13.9 in November, weaker than expected.
11/05/04 Industrial production in Germany was down 1.2% in September, hurt by rising oil prices and higher eurocurrency.
The unadjusted unemployment rate in Germany dropped from 10.3% to 10.1% in October.
11/02/04 Retail sales in Germany were down .4% in September.
10/25/04 The Ifo Institute's index of business confidence in Germany increased from 95.2 to 95.3 in October, stronger than expected.
10/18/04 Germany's six leading research institutes said the budget deficit next year is expected to breach the EU stability pact criteria of 3 pct of GDP for the fourth year in a row. The reports said the six institutes forecast the deficit next year to be at 3.5 pct compared with the 3.8 pct they expect for this year
10/11/04 An index of investor confidence in Germany fell from 38.4 to 31.3 in September, the lowest in over a year.
09/27/04 The Ifo index of business confidence in Germany slipped from 95.3 to 95.2 in September.
09/02/04 Germany's unemployment rate in August was at 10.6%, the number of unemployed increased to 4.41 million. West Germany's unemployment rate is at 8.6% and East Germany's is at 18.3%.
06/12/04 Industrial production rose in April by 2.2% the biggest rise since October. Inflation in wholesale prices is at 3.6 % in the year to May.
01/27/04 Ifo's index of West German business confidence increased from 96.9 to 97.4 in December, the highest reading in three years.
01/22/04 Retail sales in Germany were down 1% in 2003, the second year of decline.