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India Current account balance as  % of GDP
2001  -1.6
2002  -0.6
2003  -0.9

2007  -2.0
2008  -3.6
2009  -1.1
2012  -4.0
2013  -2.6
2016  -0.6
2020  +0.9

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India BSE 30 Index (weekly), 20 week exponential average in green, 5 week exponential average in red, MACD (moving average convergence divergence) in green.
India BSE 30 Index monthly chart the red line is a 24 month exaverage, the yellow line is a 6 month exaverage
This chart is no longer updated but will remain for reference.
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8/31/2020 NYT: NEW DELHI — The Indian economy contracted by 23.9 percent in the second quarter, the most drastic fall in decades, as lockdown restrictions meant to contain the spread of the coronavirus wiped out jobs and businesses.
8/6/2020 Indias  prime minister  Modi laid the cornerstone of a new Hindu temple on the former site of a 16th-century mosque, in the place where the Hindu god Ram is believed to have been born.
8/6/2020 India’s covid-19 numbers have been grim recently. By Tuesday it had recorded over 50,000 new cases each day for a week, bringing its total to over 1.9m.
9/6/2015 Indian economy grows by 7% in first fiscal quarter.
3/2/14 India’s inflation in Jan. fell to 5%
India's economic growth slows to 4.7% in Q4
The Indian state of Rajasthan has barred foreign direct investment in supermarkets
India plans to withdraw from talks with Vodafone Group Plc to resolve a nearly $2 billion tax dispute.
2/1/14 India's central bank raised the repo rate by a quarter point to 8%, citing inflationary threats..
11/28/13 India's July-Sept. GDP grew 4.8 %
Bloomberg forecasts China to pass India in Gold purchases and projects a 29% growth in Chinas gold purchase for 2013.
8/24/13 India’s July exports rose 11.6% YoY
5/3/13 India cute  the benchmark lending rate by 0.25 points to 7.25%
India's government reserves may soon be deposited with commercial banks to boost lending.
12/30/12 India's Q3 GDP growth at 5.3 % YoY.
8/3/12 India's fiscal deficit during the April-June period rose to 1.9 trillion rupees (21.84 billion pounds), or 37.1% of fiscal 2012/13.
11/11/2011 YoY India's industrial production slowed down to 1.9% in September on monetary tightening
9/16/11 India’s central bank raised interest rates to 8.25 percent from 8 percent -- the 12th increase since the start of March 2010.
8/19/11 YoY India’s industrial output rose by 8.8%.
7/14/11 Indian inflation rose to 9.44 % in June.
1/14/11 Bloomberg) -- India’s government may ban exports of wheat products, reduce taxes on milk powder and bar essential commodities from trading in futures markets as part of steps to slow gains in food inflation, the Economic Times reported.
11/8/10 The longer than usual Indian monsoon, which usually ends by mid to late September, is reducing exports of iron ore.
11/2/2010 India boosted interest rates by a quarter-point to 6.25.
11/1/2010 India's sugar output is expected to jump by nearly a half in the new 2010-2011 season from October, with a bigger cane crop and improved yields after late rains, the chief of Sucden India said.
10/12/10 Indian industrial production registered 5.6 % growth in August much lower than the 10% expected
10/4/10 Despite investment plans to upgrade air cargo terminals at Nagpur, Mumbai and Delhi, lack of aircraft capacity in India and Bangladesh is threatening to roadblock demand expected to grow annually at 10% in the next five years according to the Airports Authority of India.
9/29/10 India extended by a year the deadline for tax-free imports of rice to keep prices under check.
9/13/10  Japan and India reached a bilateral free trade agreement in Tokyo on Thursday. The pact will eliminate import tariffs on most products traded between the two giant Asian economies within 10 years.
9/13/10 The Indian Shipping Ministry said it plans to augment the country's overall port capacity from the current 1 billion tons to 3.5 billion tons over the next 10 years
8/31/10 India saw 8.8% YoY GDP growth in the quarter ending June 30.
8/27/10 (Bloomberg) -- Gold demand in Vietnam, which consumes more of the precious metal per head than India and China, is set to surge as the third devaluation in the past year and a stock-market slump combine to spur sales.
8/26/10India overtook Japan in demand for oil among Asian nations in the second quarter of 2010.  
7/27/10 India raised rates.  Repo rate and reverse repo rate move up to 5.75 percent and 4.5 percent, from 5.5 percent and 4 percent, respectively.
7/16/10 India's M3 money supply rose an annual 15.3%, up from 14.5% in June
7/14/10 (Reuters) - India's monsoon rains, vital for farm output gains after last year's drought, were 24 percent below normal in the past week and unlikely to rebound in the week ahead, the weather office said, raising fears of crop loss..
7/12/10 YoY India’s industrial output rose 11.5% in May
7/1/10 India’s gold imports may fall as much as 36% this year as higher prices and volatility slows demand -- the Indian Bullion Market Association said.
6/2/10 India, the world’s second-largest sugar producer, may allow mills to export 967,000 metric tons of white sugar.
According to China's Xinhua, Iran will sell euros for the U.S. dollar and gold. Iran joins a host of other emerging countries like China and India that have been ramping up their gold reserves and discarding paper currencies
6/1/10 YoY India’s GDP rose 7.4% in Q1
4/20/10 India raised its interest rate from 5.00% to 5.25%.
India stopped exporting cotton to protect domestic supplies.
4/1/10 India's government on Thursday brought into force a new law that makes education free and compulsory for every child from age 6 to 14 --
(Reuters) - India and China are resisting requests to sign up for the Copenhagen Accord for fighting global warming that risks unraveling without clear support from major emitters.
2/12/10 YoY India’s industrial production rose 16.8% in December
2/2/10 Cement, coal and industrial metals producers across Asia will benefit in coming years from a massive push by India to overhaul its infrastructure, a fund manager at JPMorgan Asset Management said.
1/19/10 India may have to buy at least 7 million tons this season, with white sugar making up about a third of the total, Macquarie Group Ltd. said in a report this month.
1/13/10 India imported 343 tons of gold in 09, down from 420 tons in 08
1/12/10 India's economic growth in 2009/10 is expected to be 7.0 to 7.5%, the prime minister's economic advisor said.
1/3/10 China appears to have overtaken India as the number one private gold buyer in 09.
12/16/09 India's production of monsoon-sown rice may total 71.65 million metric tons, up from 69.45 million tons estimated last month, the farm ministry said
11/16/09 (Bloomberg)The Philippines, the world’s biggest rice buyer, issued its third tender for 2010 supplies after storms damaged crops and the country accelerates imports to secure shipments amid surging prices.. “We have to secure our supplies ahead of everybody else,” Romeo Jimenez, director of the authority, said in a phone interview from Manila today. “India will also be importing rice. Prices will rise.”
11/12/09 YoY factory output in India rose 9.1% in September
11/4/09 11/4/09 (Bloomberg) -- Rice futures in Chicago rose to the highest price in almost 10 months on mounting concern that Indian inventories will trail demand, forcing the world’s second-largest producer to import grain.
Output in India has declined because of adverse weather, and the government plans to buy 26 million metric tons of the grain from farmers this year to bolster domestic stockpiles and avoid food shortages, said Dennis DeLaughter, a rice farmer and the owner of Progressive Farm Marketing in Edna, Texas.
“The government is trying to make sure they don’t have a panic on their hands, so they’re moving rice into the market early to avoid having a run on supplies,” DeLaughter said.
11/3/09 Gold has hit an all-time high of USD 1,085 after it was announced that India's central bank had bought 200 MT of the stuff from the IMF in deal worth USD6.7 billion. This appears to confirm that central banks are comfortable entering the market to hold gold at over USD 1,000/oz.
10/29/09 (Bloomberg) -- India, the world’s second-largest rice grower, may become a net importer for the first time in 21 years in 2010, potentially sparking the kind of “panic” that sent prices to records in 2008, a rice expert said.
10/27/09 India will extend the deadline for duty-free imports of the raw sugar by nine months to Dec. 31 2010
10/21/09 Demand for coal to generate electricity and make steel in China and India is expected to grow by 7% to 8% annually in the next five years, leaving the world "chronically" short of the fuel, the head of U.S. coal miner Peabody Energy Inc (BTU.N) said.
10/20/09 Sugar content in cane has fallen to 5-6 percent from the usual 9 percent level in Uttar Pradesh, India's top producing state of the sweetener, according to a PTI story
India's sugar production is expected to rise to 18 million metric tons (prev. 16-17) in 2009-10, according to an Indian government official inBrazil.
9/30/09 (Bloomberg) -- India’s monsoon rainfall, the main source of irrigation for the country’s 235 million farmers, is the weakest in more than three decades, threatening farm output in the world’s second-biggest producer of rice, wheat and sugar
8/25/09 (Bloomberg) -- India may have to ban corn exports for a second season to boost local supplies as the crop wilts under the driest monsoon in seven years, a lobby group for U.S. producers said.
8/24/09 NASA Satellites Unlock Secret to Northern India's Vanishing Water
Using NASA satellite data, scientists have found that groundwater levels in northern India have been declining by as much as one foot per year over the past decade. Researchers concluded the loss is almost entirely due to human activity.
8/23/09 (TET) The rice yield growth in India at current rate is estimated at 1.18% and needs to be accelerated at 1.75% consistently for a decade, otherwise at 1.18% growth rate, India’s rice production would reach at levels of 108 million tones by 2020 against its projected requirement of 118 million tones.
8/19/09 (ToI) With the glaciers on the Qinghai- Tibet Plateau receding at an alarming rate, North India could face the prospect of drought and water levels in major rivers like the Indus originating from Tibet could be hit in the long-run, a leading Chinese meteorologist has warned.
8/10/09 (Bloomberg) -- White sugar rose to a record in London as India, the world’s biggest consumer and second-largest producer, cut its forecast for monsoon rain, potentially worsening a global supply shortfall.
7/27/09 (WSJ) After the driest June in 83 years, four of India's 28 provinces have declared drought. More than half of Uttar Pradesh state, India's most populous state and a key rice- and sugar cane-growing region.
7/6/09 (FT) India, the world's largest consumer of gold, faces a drop in precious metal imports after the government revealed plans to double import taxes on gold and silver
7/2/09 India is expected to produce 15 million tonnes of sugar in the year to September, down 43% YoY. Demand for the world's top consumer and biggest producer after Brazil, was expected to be 22.5 million tonnes in 2008/09.
6/12/09 YoY India’s Industrial production rose 1.4% in April
5/29/09 India’s GDP rose 5.8% Q1.
4/13/09 India ended its 60% import duty on sugar in an effort to relieve a shortage at home.
2/27/09 India’s GDP grew 5.3% YoY
2/3/09 India announced approval for duty free imports of raw sugar.
11/6/08 Inflation in India rose to 10.72 %
10/20/08 India cut its discount rate from 9% to 8%.
7/6/08 India may increase edible oil imports by more than 80 % in the four months to October.
7/3/08 India banned all export of corn to protect domestic supplies.
6/24/08 India's central bank raised interest rates to 8.5% from 8%, and raised reserve ratio requirements to 8.75% from 8.%.
6/11/08 India raised interest rates from 7.75% to 8.00%.
(Bloomberg) -- India, the world's second-biggest sugar maker after Brazil, may resume imports of the sweetener after four years as farmers plant less sugar cane because of declining prices.
5/30/08 YoY GDP in India rose 8.8%.
India’s Finance Minister described inflation at 8.1% as worrisome.
12/12/07 YoY Indian industrial production rose 11.8% in October
11/30/07 GDP in India rose 8.9%.
10/12/07 Industrial production in India rose 10.7% YoY.
10/9/07 India has extended its export ban of wheat for an indefinite period, while allowing the restriction-free import of wheat indefinitely.
India: Oct. 1 Foodgrains stocks at 15.61 million tons  
Rice Stocks At 5.48 Million Tons  
Wheat Stocks At 10.12 Million Tons
9/21/07 Inflation in India slips to 3.32%, a 5-year low. Forex reserves at $232.187 bn.
4/24/07 India's central bank kept its interest rate unchanged.
4/1/07 India's central bank raised interest rates to 7.75%.
2/7/07 India expects the economy to grow 9.2%.
1/12/07 India's Nov industrial production rose 14.4% YoY.
12/12/06 Indian Industrial Production up 6.2% YoY
11/30/06 Real GDP in India was up 9.2% YoY.
10/16/06 India's forex reserves came down by USD 30 million to stand at USD 165.275 billion
7/24/06 The Reserve Bank of India is expected to raise short-term interest rates by 25 basis points.
7/17/06 India's merchandise exports rose 25.1% in June to $9.97 billion, prompting the government to raise its export target for 2007 to $126 billion.
1/25/06 Regulators in India will allow mutual funds to launch gold ETF’s.
1/3/06 Ten years ago, buying a motor scooter in India could take years and a stack of paperwork. These days a buyer can plunk down just $22 and come away with a scooter on credit. Sales of two-wheelers -- a characteristic of India's rising middle class -- jumped 16% YoY.
12/12/05 India's industry grew in October at 8.5% the fastest pace in four months as rising incomes and consumer borrowing spurred sales.
11/30/05 India's GDP was up 8% YoY.
10/25/06 The Bank of India increased its key interest rate from 5.00% to 5.25%, they expect the economy to grow 7.5% in the current fiscal year.
06/30/05 India's GDP increased 7% YoY
05/04/05 U.S. News & World Reports thatIndia is turning out 82,000 engineering and undergraduates a year, versus about 60,000 in the US.
04/28/05 The Reserve Bank of India increased its overnight rate from 5.75% to 6.00%, citing rising inflation.
04/20/05 India's weather office on Wednesday forecast normal monsoon rains this year.
04/17/05 India has retained its position as the fourth largest economy in the world on the basis of Purchasing Power Parity (PPP), behind the United States, China and Japan.
The size of the economy is calculated according to what a nation's currency actually buys in goods and services and not on the basis of its exchange rate against the US dollar.
The United States has by far the largest economy in the world worth $10,978 billion, followed by China at $6,410 billion, Japan at $3,629 billion and India with $3,062 billion. Germany comes next with $2,279 billion. France, Italy, the UK, Brazil and Russia are other countries above the $1,000-billion mark.
02/22/05 India is in a hurry. From zero volumes a year ago, the combined trading volume achieved on the national commodity exchange platform has reached Rs 260,659 crore in ‘04.
02/10/05 Chinese and Indian economies to overtake Japan by 2020 China and India will be the world's second and third largest economies by 2020, pushing Japan into fourth place, according to research by Deutsche Bank. The United States will remain the biggest economy. However, India and Malaysia will overtake China to become the world's fastest-growing economies over the next 15 years due mainly to strong population growth.
02/10/05 India may reach 1950s US GDP level only in 34 years: World Bank official  Assuming that the Indian economy continues to maintain the current growth rate, it would take another 61 years for the country to catch up with the current economic level of the United States. "Not in your lifetime," he told an audience.
01/04/05 Energy-hungry India will step up efforts to secure stable and possibly cheaper oil supplies this week, hosting Gulf OPEC states and key Asian importers in a new diplomatic push for regional solidarity.
With its reliance on foreign crude oil growing as stagnant domestic demand begins to pick up, India is keen to foster ties with oil-rich neighbours to the west and import-dependent ones to the east, hoping a united front may counter the political weight of the world's biggest oil user, the United States.
12/29/04 India has become the fourth largest economy in the world after the US, China and Japan, in that order, a media report says here. The US accounts for 21.1 per cent of the world Gross Domestic Product, China 12.6, Japan 7, India 5.7, Germany 4.5, France 3.2, UK 3.2, Italy 3, Brazil 2.8, Canada 1.9, Spain 1.8 and Mexico 1.8, The Washington Times notes in its year-end review today.
12/10/04 Industrial production in India was up 10.1% in October, the biggest gain in seven years.
11/20/04 Finance Minister P Chidambaram is upbeat about the growth prospects of the Indian economy: At 6% at the least, India's growth rate will be one of the highest in the world.
11/11/04 Industrial production in India was up 7.7% in September.
11/10/04 India could register 10 pct annual growth for a number of years with the right mix of fiscal policies and continued economic reforms, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said.
11/09/04 Bank of India today announced an increase in interest rates on domestic rupee deposits by 25-50 basis points across various maturities.
Maturities  ranging from:
7-14 days the interest rates is 3.50 per cent;
15 days to 45 days is 4.50 per cent;
46 days to 364 days - 5 per cent;
1 year to less than 2 years - 5.25 per cent;
2 years to less than 3 years - 5.25 per cent;
3 years to less than 5 years - 5.50 per cent;
5 years and above - 5.75 per cent.
10/26/04 The Reserve Bank of India raised the repurchase rate it pays commercial banks for loans to 4.75 percent from 4.5 percent.
10/16/04 The head of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) Friday said India`s economy was poised to grow by seven to eight percent annually over the medium term, bolstered by continued economic reforms.
10/16/05 Officials say India is still poised for economic growth Even as outsourcing becomes an increasing political issue in the United States, American executives and Indian officials dismissed notions of a slowdown for the Indian economy.
10/11/04 India needs a rate increase to tame inflation
09/30/04 Asian Development Bank is expecting India to sustain a high 8.2 per cent GDP growth in next three years.
09/03/04 Indians Prices Rose 8.17%, More Than Analysts Forecast
06/23/04 CNBC estimates that 1% of Indians use the Internet.
02/23/04 India PM says economic growth to touch nine per cent