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Mexico Current account balance as  % of GDP
2001  -4.3
2002  -2.9
2003  -3.2

2007  -1.4
2008  -0.8
2009  -2.4
2012  -0.8
2013 -1.6
2016  -2.9
2020  -1.4

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Mexico IPC Index (weekly), 20 week exponential average in green, 5 week exponential average in red, MACD (moving average convergence divergence) in green.
Mexico IPC Index monthly chart, the red line is a 24 month exaverage, the yellow line is a 6 month exaverage.
This chart is no longer updated but will remain for reference.
Mexico Notes & Links:
9/30/2021 Mexico hiked rates for the 3rd time this year, 25 bps increase to 4.75%.
3/10/2021 The lower house of Mexico’s parliament voted to decriminalise the recreational use of cannabis.
11/26/2020 Mexico’s GDP rose 12.1% QoQ - the best going back to 1990
9/24/2020 The Bank of Mexico,  unanimously agreed to trim the benchmark rate by 0.25 basis points to 4.25%, for what was its 11th consecutive cut since August 2019.
2/26/17 Mexico says it has no intention of accepting new “unilateral” immigration rules revealed this week by the Trump administration that include plans to deport non-Mexicans to Mexico.
Reuters) Amid trade tensions with the United States, Mexico plans to send a delegation next month to visit Brazilian corn, beef, chicken and soy producers as an alternative to U.S. suppliers, its representative in Brazil said on Friday.
6/3/12 Mexico's economy will grow 3.72 percent in 2012, a slight increase from the 3.62 percent estimated in the previous month, results of a survey by the Mexican Central Bank.
5/4/11 The central bank of Mexico bought nearly 100 tonnes of gold in February and March.
2/13/11 Mexico's corn crop has been damaged by a freeze. It has damaged as much as 4.2M tons in Mexico, creating new worries with stocks at their tightest level in 15 years.
10/4/10 YoY September consumer confidence in Mexico rose to 91.6 from 81.9
9/27/10 Mexico's July economic activity index rose  5.1% YoY
8/20/10 YoY Mexico's GDP rose 7.6% in Q2
6/18/10 Mexico met market expectations by leaving the country s key interest rate unchanged at 4.5%
1/5/10 Mexico’s corn imports will jump 28% in 2009-10 because of a drought which "created huge problems" for farmers, US officials say.
6/20/09 Mexico cut interest rates to 4.75 %
5/21/09 YOY Mexico’s GDP fell 8.2% in Q1
3/20/09 Mexico’s cut the lending rate to 6.75%
1/8/09 Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon promised nearly $150m to struggling industries in a bid to save hundreds of thousands of jobs.
9/21/07 Mexico holds rates at 7.25% on signs of slowing U.S. Economy.
9/26/06 YoY the Mexican economy expanded 5.00 percent in July.
8/16/06 Mexico's economy grew at 4.7% in the second quarter, boosted by a booming construction industry and a surge in auto exports.
6/28/06 Mexican retail sales rose a lower-than-expected 3.3 percent in February even as a broader economic recovery picked up speed.
6/23/06 Mexico's central bank left the country's benchmark overnight interest rate unchanged.
5/15/06 YoY Mexican industrial output rose 9.7 percent in March.
1/27/06 Mexico's central bank reduced the benchmark lending rate by half a percentage point to 7.75 percent. The bank said it has little room to keep cutting rates after bringing it down to a 15-month low.
1/25/06 YoY Mexico's economy expanded a slower-than-expected 2.7 percent in November.
1/11/06 YoY Mexican industrial production rose 3 percent in November.
12/12/05 Mexico cut its economic growth estimate for 2005 to about 3 percent from 3.5 percent, hurt by weakness in the manufacturing sector.
12/9/05 Mexico's central bank, with inflation at record lows, cut a key interest rate by 50 basis points.
12/8/05 Twelve-month inflation in Mexico fell to a historic low in November, and below the central bank's target for the first time ever.
11/10/05 Mexico’s Annualized inflation dropped to 3.05 percent at the end of October, its lowest rate since records began and just a shade higher than the midrange of the central bank's 2-4 percent 2005 target.
10/28/05 Mexico's central bank pushed interest rates lower for a third straight month on Friday to help boost a struggling economy.
10/25/05 YoY Mexico's economy grew by 4.5 percent in August.
10/21/05 Mexican retail sales rose 5.6 percent in August, the government said on Friday, as consumers breathed some life into an otherwise tepid economy.
10/12/05 Mexico's industrial production probably rose 2.2 percent in August, less than the pace of the nation's economic expansion and evidence that manufacturing is losing its role as the country's main driver of growth – Bloomberg reports.
09/23/05 Mexico's central bank on Friday pushed interest rates 25 basis points lower for the second straight month to revive a tepid economy.
08/01/05 Mexico's economy picked up speed in the second quarter and grew about 4 percent over the same period last year, helped by strong consumer spending and export growth.
06/27/05 Economic activity in Mexico grew 4.8 percent in April from the same month last year amid a manufacturing export-led recovery, the government said on Monday.
05/19/05 Mexico leading economic indicator edged 0.3 percent higher in March.
05/14/05 Mexico's central bank held monetary policy steady on Friday after core inflation moved lower in April, easing fears that consumer prices may again be rising too high.
02/04/05 Mexico GDP up 4.2 pct, deficit narrows in 2004 Mexico's economy expanded while its fiscal deficit narrowed in 2004, the government said on Friday, thanks to high oil revenues and prudent spending policies..
01/26/05 Mexico's Core Inflation Rate Remains a Concern, Central Banker Marcos Says.
11/05/04 Mexico's GDP was up 4.0% in the third quarter year over year.
11/04/04 Mexico unveiled a new 1,000 peso bill Thursday, the largest denomination available in the currency. The bill, equivalent to $87, will begin circulating on Nov. 15.
10/26/04 Betting on the peso through currency futures, long the domain of Chicago investors, is taking off on Mexico's own derivatives bourse
10/22/04 Mexico's central bank pushed interest rates higher on Friday for the seventh time this year.
10/22/04 Mexican retail sales rose 4.2 percent in August from the same month a year ago.
10/21/04 Mexico's unemployment rate fell to 4.01 percent in September, down from a seven-year high set in August
10/11/04 Mexico's tight-fisted budget spending has helped make it a darling of Wall Street investors in recent years, but at a steep price: It is falling behind in the very areas such as education that are key to its long-term prosperity.
10/15/04 The Conference Board said on Friday that its leading economic indicator for Mexico rose for a third straight month in August by 0.6 percent compared with July, but said economic growth could moderate during the rest of the year.
10/08/04 Mexico will see improved inflation over coming months, central bank chief Guillermo Ortiz said on Friday.
Mexico prices rise sharply, cenbank seen tightening