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Switzerland  Current account balance as  % of GDP
2001  +8.6
2002  +11.3
2003  +13.6
2004  +12.4
2005  +11.2

2007  +14.7
2008  +9.8
2009  +6.8
2012  +13.0
2013  +11.3
2016  +9.4
2020  +9.8

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Switzerland Index (weekly), 20 week exponential average in green, 5 week exponential average in red, MACD (moving average convergence divergence) in green.
Switzerland Index monthly chart, the red line is a 24 month exaverage, the yellow line is a 6 month exaverage.
This chart is no longer updated but will remain for reference.
Switzerland Notes & Links:

8/7/2021 Swiss central bank owns record $162 billion of U.S. stocks

11/28/13 Swiss vote down plan to cap salaries of top executives.
3/17/13 Swiss voters have backed an initiative to give shareholders of Swiss listed companies a binding say on executive pay
1/6/12 Swiss inflation rate fell to 0.2% in 2011.
9/18/11 The bungling execs at UBS, announced that loss from unauthorized trading amounted to $2.3 billion, more than initially reported.
9/8/11 (Bloomberg) The Swiss central bank imposed a ceiling on the franc for the first time in more than three decades and pledged to defend the target with the “utmost determination,”
3/7/10 A nationwide referendum is taking place in Switzerland on a proposal to give animals the constitutional right to be represented in court.
2/2/10 Swiss lawmaker compares Germany's attempts to get hold of data on cross-border tax evaders to bank robbery.
9/8/09 Reuters - Switzerland knocked the United States off the position as the world's most competitive economy
8/25/09 Switzerland Q2 Employment fell 0.4% YoY.
8/20/09 Switzerland's July Trade Balance out at 2.35B versus 1.50B in June.
8/19/09 (Bloomberg) -- UBS AG, Switzerland’s largest bank, will release information on 4,450 accounts to settle a U.S. lawsuit that sought names of American clients suspected of evading taxes.
8/17/09 Switzerland’s June Retail Sales rose 0.9% YoY
8/7/09 Switzerland’s July Unemployment Rate out at 3.9% up from 3.8% in June
7/15/09 Switzerland May Retail Sales fell -1.4% YoY
7/13/09 Switzerland June Producer and Import Prices were unchanged at 0.0% MoM
7/8/09 Switzerland’s June Unemployment Rate rose to 3.8%
6/24/09 FT) The Swiss franc fell sharply on Wednesday after the country's central bank intervened in the foreign exchange market to halt the currency's rise
6/23/09 Switzerland May Trade Balance out at 2.01B vs. 2.55B in April.
6/20/09 The U.S. and Switzerland agreed to share information on potential tax evaders.
5/29/09 Swiss Leading Indicators fell 1.86 %
5/28/09 Swiss April Trade Balance out at 2.56B vs. 0.12B in March.
4/2/09 According to a survey by London’s Barclays Plc., almost 41%, or 436,000, of Singapore’s households will have assets of at least $1 million by 2017, compared with 39% in Hong Kong and 28% in Switzerland
3/12/2009 Switzerland reduced its interest rate from 0.50% to 0.25%
12/11/2008 Switzerland lowered its interest rate target from 1.00% to .50%.
11/20/08 Switzerland lowered interest rates from 2.0% to 1.0%.
12/11/07 UBS announced it will write down $10 billion in US subprime investments.
12/6/07 Switzerland Nov. Unemployment rate rose to 2.7%.
3/16/06 The Swiss National Bank raised rates from 1.00% to 1.25%
01/28/05 The Swiss government reduced its 2005 growth estimate from 2.0% to 1%.
11/26/04 Switzerland's GDP was up 0.4% in the third quarter, slightly less than expected.
10/18/04 SECO, the Swiss economics ministry, said it lowered slightly its 2005 GDP growth forecast to 2.0 pct from its previous forecast of 2.3 pct