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Thailand Current account balance as  % of GDP
2001  +10.8
2002  +10.0
2003    +7.7

2007   +2.4
2008    -1.0
2009   +5.5
2012    -0.7  
2013   +2.6
2016  +10.7
2020  +3.4

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Thailand SET Index (weekly), 20 week exponential average in green, 5 week exponential average in red, MACD (moving average convergence divergence) in green.
Thailand SET Index monthly chart, the red line is a 24 month exaverage, the yellow line is a 6 month exaverage
This chart is no longer updated but will remain for reference.

Thailand Notes & Links:

10/20/11 Western Digital Corporation, the world's leading manufacturer of hard disk drives, said global supply may be constrained for several quarters because of flooding in Thailand. Thai floods have affected 14,254 factories and businesses in 20 provinces, according to the Labor Ministry.
11/8/10 (Bloomberg) Flooding across more than half of Thailand, the worldís largest rice exporter, may damage 11 percent of the nationís rice plantation and lower output from the main crop by 3.9 percent, the Farm Ministry said.
11/1/2010 About 2.5 % of Thailandís cane-growing area has been damaged in the countryís worst flooding in five decades, said the secretary-general of the Office of the Cane and Sugar Board.
10/13/10 The USDA thinks that Sugar shipments from Thailand, the second-largest exporter, will decline 20 % next year to 4.7 million metric tons.
9/1/10 Thailand GDP growth for the first half of 2010 is about 10 %, the highest since 1995  
8/23/10 YoY Thailandís GDP during the first half (Jan-June), 2010, grew 10.6%
8/20/10 Thailand's Prime Minister Friday said he is confident the export sector would help lift GDP growth in 2010 to at least 7% YoY.
7/1/10 Thailand's government plans to buy back sugar from traders to meet rising local consumption, an industry group said.
2/9/10 Thailand will likely produce 6.62 million metric tons of sugar this crop year, down 7.9%, Office of Cane & Sugar Board Secretary General Prasert Tapaneeyangkul said Wednesday.
6/20/09 YoY Thailand's exports fell 26.6% to $11.7 billion
2/14/08 Thailand has started requiring that all its diesel fuel include a component made from palm oil, a move that could reduce costly energy imports but is driving up prices for the commodity.
12/3/07 Thailandís economy grew 4.9% YoY.
10/19/05 Thailand's central bank raised its benchmark interest rate by half a percentage point, more than predicted.
12/30/04 Thailand's economy is now expected to grow by 5.7% in 2005, rather than 6% as forecast before tsunamis hit six tourist provinces.
12/29/04 Thailand's finance ministry cut its 2005 economic growth forecast to 5.7 percent from 6 percent after earthquake-triggered tsunamis lashed six coastal provinces, killing more than 1,600.
12/13/04 The Ministry of Finance said yesterday Thailandís public debt as of the end of fiscal year 2004 ending September, stood at 48.17 percent of the countryís GDP, compared to 46.23 percent at the end of August.
12/04/04 Thailand's Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra said economic growth will exceed 6 percent this year on rising exports, which surged to a record in October.
10/21/04 Thailand's central bank Wednesday raised its benchmark interest rate by a quarter point for the second time in two months
09/27/04 In Thailand, a 32-year old woman is said to have bird flu, only the second case of human infection on record.
08/26/04 Thailand Raises Key Interest Rate to Curb Inflation The Bank of Thailand raised its 14-day bond repurchase rate by a quarter percentage point to 1.5 percent