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global  COAL RB Index and U.S Rail Coal Traffic

Global COAL RB Index
U.S. Rail Coal Traffic
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9/26/2020 Welt am Sonntag: Siemens Energy mulls plan for exiting coal activities - (and another Co. wising up)
9/24/2020 (Reuters) - The World Bank’s private-sector arm has introduced new climate change conditions for its investments in commercial banks to encourage the lenders to wind down support for coal projects in Africa and Asia. The International Finance Corporation (IFC), which owns equity stakes in many large commercial banks in emerging markets, hopes the restrictions will trigger other investors to exit the coal sector.
11/3/11 A string of earnings reports showed that global coal demand is stronger than analysts anticipated.
8/2/11 The Institute of Energy Economics for Japan (IEEJ) reported that alternative energy imports (Coal  ?) would rise significantly if local authorities kept reactors shut after routine maintenance due to safety concerns after Fukushima.
11/8/10 (Hellenic Shipping) Asian coal import demand is expected to be improved with the Asian winter season being a cold one. Adding to this positive expectation some port congestion may be experienced in Australian and Indonesian ports as many forward fixtures for thermal coal have been recorded during the past weeks, and all these fixtures can’t be accommodated without delays. This congestion might well be the extra boost we all want and hope for the dry cargo market” says Cotzias.
Coal burned to generate power may jump 12% next year on Asian demand for the fuel and supply constraints says DB.
7/7/10 During the first five months of this year net imports of coal in China rose to 60.11 million tons from 38.44 million tons last year.
(NYT) The weather page of the New Beijing News gives lots of helpful advice. But, in one of the most polluted cities in the world, it doesn't mention something really important: how clean is the air?
1/5/10 The coal price at Qinghuangdao Port rose for four consecutive months, and set a new record high over the past year, meanwhile, coal inventory fell 29.4% from early December, approaching the alarm point of 5 mln tons again. (Beijing faced the coldest weather in half a century)
11/12/09 China's raw coal output hit 270 million tons in October, climbing to the year's second highest peak
10/21/09 Demand for coal to generate electricity and make steel in China and India is expected to grow by 7% to 8% annually in the next five years, leaving the world "chronically" short of the fuel, the head of U.S. coal miner Peabody Energy Inc (BTU.N) said.
10/19/09 (Bloomberg) -- Burning coal to generate electricity in the U.S. causes about $62 billion a year in “hidden costs” for environmental damage, not including expenses related to global warming, the National Academy of Sciences said.