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When one studies the history of money, one cannot help wondering why people should have put up for so long with governments exercising an exclusive power over 2000 years that was regularly used to exploit and defraud them.
F.A. Hayek

Euro Currency Forex

Euro Currency (Forex)
Euro Currency Futures - The Blue line is a Donchian channel, red line is a 5 day exponential average, green line is a 20 day exponential average. Vertical green bars MACD (Moving average convergence divergence) 5 and 20.
Euro Currency (Spot) Point & Figure
(Box = 2 Reversal = 2)
Euro Currency (Forex) Recent, and 200 day exponential average in red, 50 day xaverage in yellow. 55 day Donchian channell green, 200 day rate of change (ROC) green