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Soybean Oil Futures

Soybean Oil from 1969 and 200 day xaverage (red)
Soy Oil Futures - The Blue line is a Donchian channel, red line is a 5 day exponential average, green line is a 20 day exponential average. Vertical green bars MACD (Moving average convergence divergence) 5 and 20.
Coconut Oil (Phil)

Palm Oil (Malay.)

Soybean Oil Notes & Links:

As of 2021 Thailand is the third-largest producer of palm oil. However, it accounts for only 3% of the global production, while Indonesia and Malaysia account for 85% of the world’s estimated annual production of roughly 73 million mt.

7/14/2021 In Malaysia palm oil production is falling short of expectations. Shortage of workers has become more severe lately. Exports declining. Stocks still relatively low. (Oil World)
7/13/2021 Malaysian palm oil futures , which were correcting after hitting multi-year highs, have risen 9% since India cut its import tax on crude palm oil
7/14/10 Goldman Sachs has upped their 3-month price forecast for grains:

6-months out, corn prices are seen reaching $4.50 vs. $4.00.
Soybean 3-month outlook seen at $9.75 v. $9.25,
6-month out GS sees prices reaching $9.50 vs. $9.00.
Wheat 3-month outlook is seen at $5.20 v s. $4.75.
6-month out wheat is seen reaching $5.50 vs. $5.00.
7/13/10 (Bloomberg) China, the world’s biggest consumer of vegetable oils, may import about 200,000 metric tons of soybean oil each month from July to September, the portal said in an e-mailed report.
7/9/10 Malaysia's palm oil stocks fell to a 10-month low, a sign that heat stress to trees may have been more severe than projected.
2/9/10 U.S. soyoil production is expected to increase, thanks to a recent decision by the Environmental Protection Agency that soyoil-based biodiesel will qualify for government production mandates, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said.
7/6/08 India may increase edible oil imports by more than 80 % in the four months to October.
2/5/08 Indonesia's government will impose a 15% export tax if palm oil exceeds $1,100 a metric ton.
10/6/05 The U.S. Census Bureau said that soybean oil stocks totaled 1.73 billion pounds at the end of August, down from 1.99 billion pounds last month.
04/27/04 Soybean oil stocks were down 35% from a year ago