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Expecting people to be convinced by the facts flies in the face of, you know, the facts.
Chris Mooney

Money Multiplier  and  Velocity of M2

Velocity of M2 Money Stock
M2 Velocity % Change
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Title:               M1 Money Multiplier
Series ID:           MULT
Source:              Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
Seasonal Adjustment: Seasonally Adjusted
Frequency:           Bi-Weekly
Units:               Ratio


5/7/2015 (NYT) Krugman:  The Fed Does Not Control the Money Supply So we had a simple prediction, completely borne out by experience. And you can therefore understand why I want to bang my head against the wall when economists say things along the lines of “the Fed can just target the money supply” or “we would have had runaway inflation except that for some reason banks just increased excess reserves — who could have predicted?”
03/12/04 Rate of change (ROC 52 (2 weeks)) now stands at plus 0.06%. This is the first time above the zero line  since January of 1994.
10/24/03 You may want to note that MACD ( Moving average convergence divergence)6 and 13 (two weeks), has decided to show a feeble plus 0.01. Feeble or not, this is the first plus in ten years.